Chapter 5

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" ok, first off Shadow calm down, secondly how did this happen " stated Knuckles not in a good mood

" the battle with Dr.Eggman, the robot had the chaos emeralds inside it " explained silver


{Tails POV}

" what do you mean Eggman put the Emeralds in his robot " I stated I confusion

" Ivor's robot had a chaos energy radiation which caused us to swap bodies when it exploded, it also put everyone in danger, no offence Shadow but I would of preferred for silver to be in my body " stated The albino hedgehog that is now sonic, while me and everyone else stopped and stared at him surprised and shocked

" ook, and how do you know this " questioned Amy

Sonic starred at the pink hedgehog before looking at his body

" Shadow, quick question, are you hearing voices in my head " he stated

" yes " shadow replied blankly

" ok, can you hear one that " asked my big brother, as everyone starred confused

" no, it's just annoying and uncomfortable " answered sadow with gritted teeth

" ok, pick the ones that are more annoying " stated Knuckles

" what exactly is going on " yelled Omega enraged that no one was getting a clear answer

" my Forms have minds of their own, for example the navy blue hedgehog with blood red eyes is Dark, even though he wants to destroy Ivor, he is very protective over the people I care about " stated sonic, everyone but knuckles was surprised

" wait dose that mean Super Sonic has a mind of his own as well " I asked

He nods in confrontation, I blink once, twice. Sonic then starts coughing, this catches everyone's attention, soon blood starts coming out.

I run over to him and do a scan.

" there's internal bleeding " I say, worry laced in my voice

" I need Coral, now " sonic says before falling limp

" who is Coral? " questioned Amy in a jealous tone

To be continued

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