Chapter 17

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" Dark Spine, you know you shouldn't of taken control, but.....thank you " Zonic stated, Dark Spine nodded

" our main protocol is to keep him safe " Dark Spine stated and then faded to Sonic's azure fur and Shadow fell unconscious

And emerald was in Zonic's hand

I felt something wrong,

'Scourge!!' It was Zonic, he was using the communication bond thing we use to talk

'What?' I replied a little annoyed

'Be careful, someone of high rankings has sent creatures to gather the emeralds, Venom and his pack attacked us, but we got the emerald off of him, Sonic is unconscious along with Shadow' Z stated

'Damn it!! When I get my hands on whoever is doing this!!' I growled

" is everything ok?" I heard the pink one say, I look over at her and the fox and Knuckles

" someone sent creatures to retrieve the emeralds " I replied to her, Knuckles paled

" how do you know?" The fox asked

" Sonic was attacked by hellhounds" Knuckles cursed under his breath

" keep an eye out, we have no idea what could be out here " I sighed, as much as I hate being around mortals I had to do this, not like Sonic will see them again, and if he does they will be in hell or heaven

Funny that he cares so much for them, that he would risk everything for them, that's what you get for being pure

I heard a hiss and a dark chuckle, great! Just my luck! A Vampire!!

I look around and find that it's not just vampires but witches as well, Fuck. My. Life

" hello princeling " I heard the first vampire chuckle, I growled

" leave the mortals out of this, Soren and Marie " I hissed at them and the mortals behind me knew that blood would be shed

To Be Continued

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