Chapter 23

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Everyone just stared at the two as they glared daggers at Chaos and Tikal

" what?" Sonic stated quietly as he frowned at his brothers,the two sighed and calmed down, they looked at each other then to their younger brother, they had some explaining to do, because they knew more than what everyone had thought


{Sonic's Pov}

I looked at my brothers, who just looked at me with a frown, everyone else was silent, Chaos and Tikal were shocked

"Sonic, we-" I cut Scourge off

" you what?" i snapped 

" we only wanted to keep you safe..." Zonic frowned

" well guess what, no one is safe, and you both just proved that even if you are, your still in danger " I growled

" well we couldn't watch you die" Scourge muttered, i could tell he was getting annoyed

" do Mum and Dad know?" I asked

" one does and we didn't want them to know " Zonic snapped at me

"why then?" i growled, glaring at both of them

" the same fucking reason we haven't told Mum and Dad about this, because they will put you back in Oblivion, and this time you won't be coming out, and we wont be aloud in, they warned us, that if anything like this happens you would go back, we would be held responsible, because we convinced them to let you out, we didn't tell them what was going on in there, because they would think we were lying " Zonic snapped, tears in his eyes 

I just stayed quiet as i looked at them, I heard them sigh

" and we didn't want to tell you, because we knew this would happen..." Scourge muttered, tears in his eyes also

" sorry...." I mumbled, feeling guilty for getting mad at them, I just felt them hug me

" it's ok, we knew this would happen eventually, lets just be thankful Mum and Dad aren't here " Scourge said as he ruffled my quills, I laughed as he did

" but they will find out eventually...I mean your father is the king of hell and your mother queen of the gods " Coral muttered as Fuchsia chased Scar

I looked over at Shadow, but I immediately looked away, because he just spoke to Silver, about what, I don't know

"come need to rest, and we need to get the chaos emeralds..." Zonc mumbled in my...Silver's ear, I only nodded in response 

I heard my Brother's sigh again, but that's when things got chaotic and an explosion went off outside, the clunks of metal could be heard and finally the insane laughter of Eggman, why now?

To be continued

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