Chapter 11

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" this is one my older brothers and be thankful that he hasn't killed anyone....yet "
Facer said, this shocked me and Silver even more

" how many secrets are you hiding " I asked him
{Scourge's Pov}

" ok so let me get this straight, you and those two morons were fighting a robot with Chaos radiation and when it exploded you swapped bodies " my younger brother nodded with his ears lowered

" you do know if mum and dad find out they will send you back there " I stated as I look at him with a worried expression

" I know " was all he said, scar was sitting in his lap sound asleep

" can anyone answer a similar question, because I'm really confused " the red and black one said with crossed arms

" I grew up in oblivion, I only got out about 4 hundred years ago " Sonic whispered, my gut twisted at the sight of him in there

" Wait What!! " they all shouted

" our parents put him in there to keep him safe, but they didn't and still don't know that it was doing the opposite " I said, I look at sonic, he doesn't remember everything that happened in there


2575 years ago

" Muuum why do we have to go see him, he's weird " whined a green hedgehog that looked 18

" I don't care he's your little brother " a female hedgehog said

" yes mum " a blue male hedgehog said, who also looked 18

The two hedgehogs faded in a bright light, once the light was gone they were in a white room with only a bed and a teddy bear

In the center of the room was a light blue hedgehog, with bright emerald eyes, fiddling with his gloves, who looked 8 years old, probably because he was

" great " mumbled the green male

" shut up " growled his older twin

" hey blue " the small blue hedgehog snapped his head in their direction

" hello, who are you? " the the small hedgehog asked as one of his ears flopped down as he tilted his head

" you need to stop playing this game sonic, it's Zonic and Scourge for the last time " Zonic sighed in frustration

Sonic blinked and stood up and walked to the bed and sat on it and grabbed the stuffed bear

As the two older males watched, they were confused, normally he'd say something else, when the two looked at their younger brothers eyes they were dull and lifeless

[enfmd of flashback]

Me and my older twin Zonic, convinced our parents to let him out 4 hundred years ago, I really don't want to think about the incident

" Scourge, are you ok you zoned out " I heard Sonic say, I blinked in surprise

" they were asking how old you are, I told them I didn't really know, so we were asking you " he smirked at me

" you know exactly how old I am, but I'm 7965 years old " I sigh at that, I then got an idea

" ok so what would you do if I got Z here right now " my smirk grows wider at his expression

" are you kidding he would tell Mother and Father " he replied

" no I wouldn't " and right on time a blue male with forest green eyes his fur was glowing slightly

" why the hell are you both scaring the hell out of me " Sonic put his head in his hands

" ok great the twins are together and the youngest is in love " Coral said, but covered her mouth, this court everyone's attention, I look at sonic again to find him fuming though he's not that scary like usual, he was glowing with blush

" who is it " Zonic read my mind, I huffed in annoyance as bl- wait I can't call him blue

Before he could answer a group of mortality came in to the room, they froze as they saw me and my twin

" just great " I announced in a annoyed tone

To Be Continued

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