Chapter 33

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"Don't under estimate them" Iblis stated "They beat me and Mephilies when we fused, they have control over chaos and have saved the youngest so many times"

we all stared at her as she looked to the two mortals

"Are you just going to stand here all fucking day when there's somewhere you have to be?" The red and Black mortal snapped as he turned and began walking away


{Sonic's Pov}

I opened my eyes to see that i was surrounded by white light and i felt myself panic, i looked around and found a metal bed with coloured sheets, a brown teddy bear, a coloured carpet and that was it

but a second later everything was covered in blood, i felt pain and i looked down and found my wrists bleeding onto the floor

I was terrified that when i blinked again it was all gone, there was no pain or blood in sight and it only made me panic more as my eyes darted around the room, silence ringing in my ears as my breaths went faster along with my heart rate

"no, no, no, no"

suddenly i was curled up on the floor as i panicked, my mind racing as i desperately tried to calm down, but i couldn't as my mind became fuzzy and i fell unconscious


when i awoke i was in the same place, except things were different Demon stood above me, with his arms at his sides and a scowl on his face

"Get up" He said, his voice calm and somehow soothing, but i stayed in place curled up on the floor "i said get up Sonic"

I didn't listen as i stayed were i was, i don't know why, but this place terrified me, i heard him growl in annoyance and watched as he came closer and grabbed my wrist roughly

"let go!" I screamed at him, i saw him recoil in shock and saw actual surprise in his miss coloured eyes, but there were other emotions in his eyes that didn't suit him, i only pulled my knees to my chest as i stayed where i was, he didn't move closer, instead he sat on a chair that came out of no where "...what are you doing here..." i asked quietly

"you had a panic attack" was his reply, i looked at him again, there was genuine concern and worry in his eyes

"why do you care...?" I asked

"I've always cared" Demon stated, "but thats not the only reason i'm here"

"then what is it?"

"their gone"


"...EXE, Dark, Super, all of them, their under someones spell..."


"I'm serious"

'yeah a serious liar' i thought

"I can hear you remember...and i promise i'm not lying Sonic"

"why should i trust you? You locked me in here"

"Yeah but you have your memories"


"And...Mephililes is alive..."

"i thought you-"

"so did i..."

everything went silent as i began shaking, Demon watched me, but my mind went fuzzy

"W-what are you doing here...."

"I already answered that" He stated as he stared at me

" did...?"

I uncurled and went to stand but i felt dizzy and i suddenly felt him grab hold of me, my body was limp as he looked panicked

"Sonic? Sonic look at me" his voice started fading as my vision went in and out of focus

"D-demo-" My voice went quiet as i again fell unconsous

To Be Continued

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