A Kid No More

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*okay so the war started when Naru was eight and the war drained their money causing Naru to learn how to do everything for herself so a good thing and Naru knows much more than she lets on, she knows of her vampire abilities but not fully trained...yet she knows basic stuff and has a higher IQ than Shikamaru but her size and looks makes everyone view her as weak and she purposely acts like a little kid around her mom to make her feel better but she shows her real self around Kakashi and Itachi. Now in the story it will explain the feeling Kakashi had and why he said he can't. The vampire powers she has so far is vampiric sight, hunter speed which she just runs really fast, incredible strength, compulsion some what. And lastly super Hearing and smell. Most of those are just natural abilities of an average vampire but more will come. I'll continue to update information if the story calls for it. Alright moving on!*

A two whole years painfully passed for Naru, she was trained into the ground by Kurama and he shaped her good. She was almost a master of fuinjutsu, immaculate at her taijutsu style 'Phoenix style', she mastered her vampiric abilities and Is training in new ones such as mind control, blood magic letting her create weapons out of vampiric magic, and lastly Vampiric grip letting her pull living creatures toward her. She was heavily trained to be undetected and fast, she learned several Justus, wind break through, wind torpedo, water dragon, water clones, water tsunami, she also learned she had three chakra affinities water, wind and fire. She mastered tree walking so far and learned to make poisons and cures. All in all she was far ahead of her class but Kurama made sure to not let her get cocky.

Naru walked to the academy through the shadows, it was easier that way no one ever saw her and she got to class Undisturbed. She changed a lot since she was ten, she no longer acted like a kid but like a ninja. Her attire stayed the same though but she could careless. Naru quietly walked through her classroom's door not bothering to say anything only just sitting next to Shikamaru.
"Hey Naru did you do homework?" Lazily Asked the Nara. "Che yeah." Whispered Naru shaking her head at his laziness. "Pfft lame." Joked Shikamaru smiling at his female best friend. "You actually did it? I couldn't understand all the math." Chimed in choji. "I can help you if ya want?" Offered Naru. Choji Smiled and gladly accepted and luckily for them Iruka didn't notice them missing the lesson on stuff that didn't matter. "Hey do you wanna play shougi later?" Asked Shikamaru wiggling his eyebrows.
"I can't I'm training later and trimming my mother's garden." Naru Said shrugging her shoulders. Shikamaru just grumbled about troublesome vampire princesses. Naru laid her head down blankly starring at the chalkboard completely zoning out. She did this in class, her ears would absorb any info and she could train with Kurama in her mindscape.
"You know what to do." Smirked the Kyuubi as she entered her mindscape. She nodded and began strengthening her mind the whole time and only zoned in when class was dismissed.

Naru walked home in thought of her mother,Kakashi, and her father.
(I wonder if they're still alive.) numbly thought the girl walking into her home.
"Hey Lady Naru How was your day?" Greeted Itachi.
"It was fine." He frowned at her quick reply.
(Why has he been so different? He used to not care and acted nonchalant about everything but now he gets angry if I go hang out with Shikamaru or if I wear something in his words 'are too revealing'.) thought Naru ignoring the Uchiha's gaze.
(Probably because he likes you kit.) Kurama cut in making her cough alarming Itachi.
"Are you getting sick? Do you have a fever?" Worriedly Asked the long haired teen touching her forehead. She just looked at her feet blushing finally connecting the dots. "Hmm you feel fine." He said giving her a strange look.
(I bet he'd think so.) dirtily Joked the Fox.
Naru held her breath from choking again at the perverted joke. (Quit I don't like him that way!) Naru mentally Shouted.
(Yeah I know silver gravity defying hair is more your taste.) teased the cruel Bijuu.
(Shut it or I'll neuter you!) she threatened quickly shutting him up.
"I'm just gonna go do homework.." Naru sheepishly said running upstairs.
"But it's Friday?" Itachi Asked to no one.

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