An Original Is Born

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"Vampire voice"
(Vampire thought)
"Bijuu talking"
(Bijuu thinking)

Minato has waited for this moment for all his life, his first child will be born any moment now!


Minato pitifully smiled at his pained wife as she brings their child into the world.
"Minato.....I hate you." Minato deadpaned at that causing the nurse to laugh.
"You're doing beautifully Kushina-sama." Encouraged the nurse.
Kushina gripped the hospital bed sheets crying out for one last time.
"What's going on? Why is there no crying?!?!" Panicked minato.
"Calm down she just needs a good pat." The nurse patted the baby's bottom and a glorious cry filled the room.
"She?" Both asked the newly made parents as the nurse placed the baby onto Kushina's chest.
"A girl...." smiled Kushina over joy.
"Her hair is white?" Questioned minato.
"Ah yes sir only the purest of purest vampires are born with white hair but she looks like both of you for sure.
Minato's stomach turned sour... he had rich blonde hair and blue eyes while his wife had vibrant red hair and green eyes and their baby...has white hair and red eyes.
Kushina felt her husband disbelief and it irked her.
"What? You don't believe she's yours?" Asked Kushina hurt causing the nurse to gasp.
"No...idk I just don't understand why she looks different from both of us is all." Truthfully told Minato.
"Minato my father had white hair and red eyes and your mother had red eyes as well." Reasoned his wife.
"I believe you dear I'm just worried for her they'll treat her very differently. She'll have high expectations due to her appearance, many will expect her to be very powerful due to her traits she'll have enemies." Kushina smiled realizing his true worry.
"She'll have many protecting her Minato." Minato smiled at her.
"Well have you both picked a name?" Asked the nurse.
"Yes Naru Uzumaki- Namikaze." Said the parents in unison. The baby girl cooed as she smiled at her name. 
Just as everything seemed peaceful an anbu officer barged in.
"Forgive me Hokage-sama but the village is under attack!" Rasped the boar masked anbu.
Minato looked at his wife smiling as he gently kissed his baby girl's forehead and then his wife.
"Minato...." Minato winked at her.
"Don't worry I'll be back baby." He left leaving her to worry.
"Don't worry Kushina-sama he'll be back." Consoled the nurse.
Kushina frowned but she smiled feeling her baby move on her chest.
"Oh I didn't forget about you beautiful, I bet you're hungry." Naru just cooed as her ruby eyes sparkled.
"I'll give you privacy madam." The nurse quietly left her to feed her baby and rest.

It was pitch dark in the hospital except for a few lights when Kushina woke up to her husband picking up Naru from her arms.
"Minato?" Questioned the protective mother.
Minato stared at her startled at being caught.
"Everything okay?" She Questioned again.
"Yes... I just wanted to see Naru before I returned to the village." Kushina felt a strange feeling from Minato telling her to take back her baby.
"What are you going to do?" Her eyes showed she knew he was up to something.
"Kushina...someone unleashed the kyuubi onto the village." Kushina's heart sank.
"What! Is everyone okay?" She tried to get up but he pushed her down.
"I won't lie many have died but there's still a chance...if I just use the s..." he quickly was interrupted by his wife.
"No! You will not use Naru! I forbid it!!!" She snatched Naru from his hands before he could retaliate.
"Kushina it's the only way to save the village." Begged the Hokage.
"No! There has to be another way!" Screamed Kushina waking their baby causing her to cry.
She rocked her baby as she cried.
"Forgive me Kushina." Was the last thing she heard before she saw black.

Minato managed to pin the Kyuubi with gamabunta's help and he placed his newborn baby onto the forest's floor and began the seals. He was stopped by the gaze the Kyuubi held onto his child.
"I know you.... yes I have waited for you." The beast's voice oddly sounded calm and he quickly broke free causing Minato to panic jumping in front of his daughter.
"Move mortal!" Roared the Fox.
"No! You will not hurt her like you did this village!" Yelled Minato standing his ground.
"I did not hurt your village... I was used by Madara Uchiha but I mean her no harm for she is what I've been waiting for." The fox growled at the man's name but he confused Minato.
"Waited for her?" Asked the man.
"Yes my Father the six sage told me to wait and protect the one who is pure, hair of snow and eyes of blood. I've met others like her but she is the one I can feel it." Explained the bijuu.
"Why though?" Asked Minato again.
"She is they key to save the world." Kyuubi tossed Minato out the way and he touched his claw to her belly and disappeared in a blinding light leaving no trace but just a small claw mark.
Minato heard people coming and he grabbed his baby and teleported to the hospital to where he left his wife. He placed her in his wife's arms and he sat next to her thinking on past events.
"You've only been born for half a day and you've already changed the world." Said Minato as his daughter giggled. He left to go an explain what happened to the Kyuubi but he will leave his daughter out of it no one will ever know the Kyuubi is within her. (I'll come up with something...) was his thought as he left the hospital.

*yes yes a vampire naruto fanfic but come on it's gonna be awesome!!!!! Lol*

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