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Kakashi rolled over and pulled in a delicate figure into his own and he sighed blissfully at the smell of lavender.
"Mornin my Naru-chan...." Kakashi slurred still half asleep.

"Mmmm..." Naru tried to form words but she was just too sleepy.


Kakashi opened his one eye glaring at the bedroom door hoping the front door could feel his wrath.

"You gonna just stare at it or are you gonna answer the door?" Naru asked getting annoyed at the constant knocking.

"Yeah yeah, I'm going." Kakashi sighed dragging himself to his quest with only his mask and boxers.

Kakashi yanked the door open getting ready to kill but he paused seeing one of the hokage's anbu, tiger.

"Kakashi-senpai, your presence has been ordered to the hokage's tower to meet with the elder council as well as the shinobi council." Tiger announced while bowing slightly in respect.

"Huh? At 4:00 in the damned morning! Ugh I'll go get dressed." Kakashi told the masked man with an eye twitch.

Kakashi Quickly went up the stairs and quietly dressed.

"Where you going?" Naru asked glaring at him.

"I've been summoned by the elder council." Kakashi told her nervously.

"What? Why?" Naru Quickly sat up worried.

"I don't know but I'm gonna find out, I love you and I'll be back soon." He pulled his mask down and gave her a sweet kiss.

"But..." Naru started but Kakashi kissed her again.

"Get some sleep."he rushed back to the front door and left with tiger.

Naru pouted But she suddenly felt queazy and her eyes widened before she ran for her bathroom. As soon as she opened the door she threw up in the bathroom sink.
(I hear morning sickness is rough....sorry kit.) Kurama groaned for her in her head.

(You hear right....ugh. You have any actual helpful tips for this hmm?) Naru asked sarcasm dripping form her words.

(Ginger ale, saltines and don't be rude.) Kurama scolded.

(Ugh sorry.) Naru sighed as she finished cleaning the sink.

(I wonder what's happening with Kashi?) Naru wondered.

/WITH Kakashi/

Kakashi patiently waited to be called into the council room but he was quite disturbed to see Sasuke was here as well.
(What did that little brat do?) Kakashi thought knowing this was Sasuke's doing.

"You both may come in now." The secretary called them as she pointed at the scary big red double doors. Kakashi stood up not sparring a glance at Sasuke and walked straight through the doors only to pale at all the yelling.

"QUIET! They're here." Sarutobi shouted addressing the two new guests.

"Ah good, Uchiha-sama and Hatake-san." Mistress fawn Smiled at Sasuke but ignored Kakashi.

"If I may be so bold but why am I here? I have a pregnant wife to get back to and she's not very negotiable in the morning." Kakashi Asked looking at every council member in the eye daring them say something.

"Well Kakashi... the elder council here wishes for you to train Sasuke for the chuunin tournament." Sarutobi answered him honestly.

"Excuse me?" Was all Kakashi could say making Sasuke smirk.

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