Chuunin exams

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*imma throw the sauce in this one just you wait!*

Naru sighed, she was unbelievably bored waiting to greet Sasuke and Sakura. She had no clue how Kakashi could just read the ungodly Icha Icha paradise in front of her. Naru glared at the book and she snatched it from his grasp.

"Wha? Naru give it back!" Kakashi told her grabbing for his book.
"No! I wanna see what so good about this book!" Naru snapped at him holding him back with her foot to his chest. She opened the book and began reading and the more she read the redder her face got.

"He thrusted With unmeasurable power into her wet...." she slammed the book closed eyes wide.
Kakashi gulped knowing he was in trouble. Naru threw the smut filled book at his head but Kakashi ducked.
"That's what is in that book!" Naru yelled but Kakashi gripped her thigh and ran his hand up her leg successfully distracting her. Naru's eyes widened at her lover feeling his hand go in a very intimate place.

"How do you think I got so good?" Kakashi whispered into her ear subductivly.
Naru had a rosey blush but she pulled her leg down making Kakashi pout cutely.

"Shush they're here." Naru grumbled looking away still sporting her blush.

Sasuke and Sakura walked up the stairs to the chuunin exams but paused seeing their sensei's.

"Kakashi Sensei, Naru Senpai?" Sakura said their names in question while looking at naru's blush.

"Yo! Glad to see you two came." Kakashi eye smiled at them while picking up his forgotten book.

"Yeah I'm glad too, good luck in there guys and you best make it out alive." Naru winked at them smiling before eyeing Kakashi's book evilly.

"Thanks! We'll do our best!" Sakura Smiled at them.

"Yeah we won't let you down." Sasuke smirked walking past them. Both Kakashi and Naru sweat dropped at them leaving like that but they left joining the other sensei's.

"Ah Kakashi my eternal rival!" Shouted gai smiling big at the masked man but he immediately blushed seeing Naru walk in behind him. Asuma blushed as well remembering him meeting her awhile back. Kureni held her breath, she became super nervous by being in the same room as someone so royal as Naru. Kakashi Growled under his breath seeing all their reactions.

"Lady Naru! It's a pleasure meeting my rival's partner Sensei!" Gai grabbed her hand shaking it thoroughly.

"Uh thank you, and you all are?" Naru asked them confused.

"Oh! I'm Maito Gai, Sensei to team 9!" Gai gave her a thumbs up.

"I'm Asuma Sarutobi, we met before I'm Shikamaru's and choji's Sensei." Asuma shook her hand blushing.

"Oh that's right! Sensei's Of team 10." Naru Smiled making Asuma blush more.

"And I'm Kureni Yuhi, Sensei to team 8." Kureni smiled shaking naru's hand.

"Are you a vampire Kureni?" Naru asked seeing her red eyes.

"Oh my father was a half blood but no." Kureni blushed impressed she could tell she had some relation.

"How about we see how our students are doing eh?" Kakashi Asked a bit annoyed. Naru frowned at him but followed to see how her two genin were doing.
Naru paled seeing Sakura threaten ino for hugging Sasuke.

"Well we tried to get the fangirl out of her." Naru sighed disappointed.
"Well at least she can fight now." Kakashi chuckled agreeing with Naru.

"So what exactly do we do in here?" Naru asked looking around in the small room that looked like a supply closet.

"We just watch and wait mostly." Kureni answered her. Naru blinked a few times trying to think of a way out of this situation. She sat down though next to Kakashi and passed him a note.
Kakashi raised a brow in question but he read it.

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