Naru Uzumaki Namikaze Hatake

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*well guys I have some news my semester starts next week so chapters are going to be less frequent but I'll do my best to write when I can but les get to it!*
*update its been like a month now and I'm dying from school and work lol*

Naru took a deep breath while holding her now fiancé's hand. She currently waited in the gynecologist's waiting room and lucky for her there was only non ninjas here.
"What do you think the baby will be?" Kakashi whispered to her excited.
"Mmm i don't know but I'd like to find out soon." Naru Smiled at him at the thought of a cute baby boy or girl. Naru looked around at all the heavy pregnant women and paled thinking how big she'll get.
(I'm too tiny for this....) Naru thought looking at her belly.
(Don't worry kit you'll be okay.) Kurama comforted her.

"Naru Uzumaki Namikaze?" Asked a nurse making heads turn.

(Shit....) Naru thought getting up with Kakashi.
"Well if people didn't know ...they do now." Naru sweat dropped whispering to Kakashi.
"It'll be okay." Kakashi chuckled at his cute bride to be.

"Go to room 3 to your left." The nurse told them while pointing to the room. Naru nodded and opened the room then sat comfortably on the hospital bed.
"What's that?" Kakashi asked pointing at the cervix diameters that measured the typical dilation of the cervix during labor.
"That's how big my cervix will get when the baby comes." Naru Laughed at Kakashi horrified face.

"Ah hello lady Naru, I'm Dr. Yuki." A blonde headed doctor came in with bright blue eyes wearing the typical dr coat. She pulled up something on the computer and pulled out papers.
"Okay well your blood work was perfect, the blood work suggested you're at least eight weeks so now I just need to see if that's correct through ultrasound and make sure if your baby is okay." Dr. Yuki smiled pulling an ultrasound machine in.
"I'm going to need you to take your pants off, you can use that sheet to cover your lower half." The woman Instructed setting up the machine.
"Okay..." Naru blushed and did as she was told, Kakashi just paled wondering why she'd need her bottom half open.
"Okay so it's gonna feel a little cold but it'll all be worth it." The blue eyed woman Laughed a bit at Naru's face. She put the ultrasound wand in Naru's vagina and began moving it around making Naru grimace.
"Okay where are you....oh there you are!" The woman pointed to a small ball looking thing on the screen and took pictures of it.

Bump bump
Bump bump
Bump bump

"Is that the heart beat?" Naru asked tearing up.

"Yes ma'am it is, strong heart beat too." The doctor smiled taking more pictures. Kakashi stared wide eyed at the little heart on the screen and he knew he'd protect that baby to the end of time.
"Kashi...we're gonna be parents!" Naru began crying emotional. Kakashi Smiled sweetly and kissed her forehead tenderly.
"Well here's your pictures, we just need to take more blood and you both can go and make sure to start taking prenatal once a day." She told them handing her a bottle of prenatals. Naru took the pills and quickly put her pants back on to walk to the lab for them to take blood. Naru looked away from the big needle but happily got up when it was all done. She was discharged and walked out with her fiancé to the hokage's office.

"When should we tell people?" Kakashi Asked holding her hand as they walked.
"After we marry." Naru Smiled at him. Kakashi nodded and pecked her lips enjoying the shocked looks.

Sarutobi told himself he'd finish all his paper work today and he wasn't going to let anything distract him!

"Jiji!" Naru opened her grandpa's office door blowing all the paper work from the force.
The lord third looked gravely at all his precious work scattered every where.
"All my hard work..." Sarutobi began anime crying.
"Oh are we Interrupting you?" Naru asked embarrassed.
" what can I do for you Naru, Kakashi?" Sarutobi sighed.
"Well hokage-sama, we would like you to marry us." Kakashi sweated Nervously.

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