Mission To Wave

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*i do not own or own the rights to the photo above but it's going to be Naru's tattoos*

"Emo prince in position." Sasuke whispered into the walky talky eye twitching.

"Bubblegum in position." Sakura smiled at her code name.

"Snow is also in position." Naru waited for the last member of the team.

"Wait for my signal, cyclops out." Kakashi ordered cooly but everyone else tried not to laugh.

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly at the target below him being wide open.

"I'm going in." Sasuke Said disobeying.

"No wait for the signal!" Ordered Naru but it was too late. Sasuke jumped on the target but the target fought back.


Naru sighed hearing Sasuke scream and she quickly jumped down from the tree tops and yanked the feisty ball off of him.
Sasuke Laid there twitching and covered in scratch marks.

"Sasuke-kun!" Screamed Sakura rushing to his side.

"Jeez calm down guys it's just a cat." Naru scoffed scratching tora's chin instantly calming her down.

"No Naru that's a demon." Kakashi said glaring at the fluffy kitty.

"Come on Sasuke get up so we can take tora back....again." Naru sighed pulling up the duckbutt.

All three of them glared at the brown tabby cat on the way to the hokage tower but Naru just pet the cat oblivious. Even the secretary glared at the cat when they past her, entering Sarutobi's office.

"Ah you guys got tora again?" Chuckled Iruka happy to see them again.

"Hai I wonder why she runs away so much?" Naru Asked aloud but all the pale looks confused her.

"Well someone please send in the daimyo's wife so she can get the demon-I mean cat." Sarutobi Quickly corrected himself. At that moment a large lady busted in and she snatched tora from Naru's hands and continuously rubbed her face against the poor feline. "Oh my tora where have you been!" Cried the lady.
(Oh that's why...) Naru deadpanned at the Lady.
The daimyo's wife dropped a big bag of ryo and left practically dragging the cat.

"Well now that's over what missions would you like next Hmm I have one to watch over some orphan boys, clean the monument, weed picking....." the old man was rudely interrupted by Sasuke punching the wall beside him.

"No! No more D ranks old man give us a real mission!" Demanded the spoiled Uchiha.

"Sasuke how dare you speak to the hokage that way!" Scolded Iruka But Sarutobi held his hand stoping him.

"Kakashi, Naru do you think your team is ready for a c rank?" Sarutobi Asked them seriously.

"Hai I do hokage-sama." Kakashi sweat dropped at the situation but everyone turned to Naru expectantly.

"I...I think so as well Hokage-sama." Naru slightly hesitated but she held firm.

"Very we'll bring in the bridge builder!" Ordered the hokage waving his hand at the door.

When the door opened no one really expected to see a drunk old man.

"Wha..these idiots are going to protect me? Look at the white haired one! She belongs in Castle not a ninja!" Insulted the man slurring his words.
Sasuke tried to charge at the old bastard but Kakashi held him firmly in place.
"I'll have you know the white haired one's name is lady Naru and she is the co-Sensei of this team and can go toe to toe with me and with the both of us you're more than safe." Kakashi defended her making the man sweat.

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