First Day At School

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*now this is where the story really begins!*

A white haired ten year old ran around the most beautiful flowers laughing, having a blast.
"Kashi! Play with me!" Giggled the girl. Kakashi glared at her not understanding why she's so immature. (Probably because she hasn't been exposed to the war that's going on.) distastefully thought the masked teen.
"Please? I just wanna play hide and seek?" Pouted the cute girl. He stared at the girl before him, she had her white hair in a bun with her bangs perfectly framing her face but if it was down her hair would reach her elbows in loose curls, she wore a red kimono with white ravens and she had wooden sandals, she had a delicate face, her eyebrows were as white as her hair and perfectly elegant, her skin was pale as porcelain and her eyes were gleaming rubies, she had thick and long white eyelashes, her lips were a plump pink. All in all she was a beautiful girl and will become a stunning woman some day.
"Fine but only one time." Kakashi caved in blushing.
She smiled a beautiful smile showing her small fangs and sped off to hide.
Kakashi just sighed as he turned around counting to ten. "Ready or not here I come!" Announced the teen as he searched for her chakra.
(What? I can't even find it! Impossible!) panicked Kakashi looking throughout the whole yard.
"Kakashi what are you doing?" Asked a voice that annoyed the mask nin.
"Nothing Itachi just looking for something lady Naru lost." Smoothly lied the mask teen.
Itachi frowned not believing him.
"Oh is that so? well where is our ladyship?" Asked Itachi.
Kakashi paled frantically thinking for a clever excuse.

"Boo!" Yelled a voice behind Itachi scaring him and Kakashi.
"Lady Naru? How did you sneak up on me?" Asked Itachi thoroughly surprised.
She just giggled at their expressions.
"A lady never reveals her secrets." Joked Naru giggling again.

"Naru! It's time to go into town honey!" Yelled Kushina drawing Naru to her.
"Oh well I gotta go! Thanks for playing with me Kashi!" Bowed Naru causing Kakashi to blush.
They watched her run to her mother joining her in the carriage.

"Kashi huh?" Teased Itachi pissing of The silver haired teen.

"Mama why do I have to get new clothes for school?" Asked the curious girl.
"Well sweety you're going to become a ninja and you'll need proper ninja attire and gear." Smiled Kushina regretting to agreeing to letting Naru be trained. Naru nodded understanding but she frowned. She knew people saw her as fragile and weak, immature even but she wasn't stupid at all or weak. She knew her parents sheltered her from something bigger and her fox friend had been teaching her many things. For as long as she could remember he's been educating her on history and practically is her teacher. He taught her many things to control her chakra and expand her intelligence. He also taught her taijutsu but he told her he'd really train her when she gets into the academy which was tomorrow and she couldn't be more excited.

*she hasn't met him face to face yet.*

Naru jerked feeling the carriage stop and smiled jumping out following her mother. She blushed at all the people who greeted her and many even bowed at her feet. "Mama why do they do this when we come to the village?" Curiously Asked Naru.
"Because Naru we are royalty." Kushina explained smiling. Naru frowned not liking any of the treatment.
Kushina dragged her daughter through out the store trying to dress her like a little girl.
"Mom! Please can you let me find something myself?" Pleaded the poor child. Kushina felt a bit hurt but she's going to the academy so it's about time to let her do things on her own. Kushina nodded letting Naru go with her guard Kakashi and an employee of the store.
Kakashi blanked out the whole shopping experience but zoned back in when Naru walked out the changing room. She had black anbu shorts that showed off her legs and wore a light grey shirt that had three buttons where someone could show off cleavage and he was surprised to see she had some to show, the sleeves were black lace and she had black leather combat boots with red laces. What he was really seeing was her figure for the first time, she always had on loose kimonos that made her look five but this outfit made her look mature. He just blushed seeing she had curves ten year olds shouldn't have, and her cup size was an impressive b cup, big for a ten year old.
"Oh it's true vampires mature faster than humans." Remarked the male employee gaining a glare from Kakashi.
"Does it look good Kashi?" Asked Naru blushing.
Kakashi's eyebrows raised not knowing what to say.
"Yes...lady Naru." Awkwardly answered the silver haired teen. Naru Smiled happy her friend liked her new look. "I'll take as many of these as possible and the other items picked out." Naru Smiled at the employee before going to change back into her kimono.

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