Genin Team 7

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*ladies and gentlemen...hold on to your fuckin's about to get......awesome in here!.....or not idk I haven't written it yet...*

(Are you gonna stare any harder kit? You're not a time shifter so cut it out!) Growled the grumpy fox. Naru huffed But she stared at her alarm clock for another five minutes to annoy the fuz ball in her mind. After death threats from her lovely fox Sensei she got up leaving the clock that said 3:30am.
She grabbed her ninja gear,clothes and headed to her lavish bathroom. She placed her things onto the marble counter sink by the enormous bath tub and she grabbed a fluffy blue towel. Naru walked passed the tub and to the door leading to a toilet and a spacious shower. She slid open the glass door stepping onto the cool white tiles and she turned the shower on washing herself in warm water. She thought of Kakashi, wondering if he felt the way she did too. (I doubt it...) Naru thought herself down scrubbing lavender shampoo into her long white hair. She leaned against the obsidian rock wall of her shower, she looked at her hands seeing her delicate and slender fingers. Her nails were long and elegant but could easily rip through somebody. Her nails were oddly a white pink color and they always have been naturally. (I wonder what his mission was..) continued her thoughts. Grabbing her pomegranate soap she imagined Kakashi finding another woman falling in love while he was gone for two years.
(It'd be foolish of me to think he hasn't been with someone all this time....besides he probably sees me as a sister or something...) Naru felt a pang in her thoughts at the mental images.
(Yeah keep telling yourself that.) Kurama bugged in. Naru blushed remembering he too can hear her. (Can I have some privacy please?) Naru thought sassily. Kurama huffed But left her alone to her pity party. She turned the water off and swiftly dried herself off with her towel. Walking back to her clothes she looked at the length of her hair.
(Maybe I should cut it?) Naru mentally asked herself studying the rib length hair. But an image of her kaasan crying at her cutting her hair stopped the idea. She put on her clothes and gear while quickly drying her hair with a blow dryer. Naru skillfully put her hair in her new bun style and walked to her kitchen. She opened her fridge and pulled out three blood packs, a wine glass, and the wine decanter. The white haired girl ripped open the bags, poring the blood into the decanter. Naru sat at her lonely dining table and poured her own glass.
(How come you don't rehire your parents old caretakers?) Asked Kurama feeling bad for her loneliness.
(The anbu watching me are enough eyes for me.) Naru thought to him.

(Why don't you invite Shikamaru and choji like old times eh? I always love watching the Nara lose to you at shogi.) he offered hoping she'll consider it.

(Well it has been a while since I invited them over and Shikamaru did buy that new video game....yeah I'll invite them over!) Naru agreed cheering up.
She made two clones to clean the house which was already clean but whatever and to buy food for her human friends assuming they'll say yes. Naru handed her clone her dishes and left her home to meet up with her team.

(Well I came a bit early but no matter I'll check out the place to figure out the surroundings to my advantage.) the vampire thought.

(That a girl!) teased Kyuubi getting mentally smacked again.

She managed to map out the whole training ground and lay in the tree where they were set to meet when Sakura and Sasuke showed up.

"Ugh Sasuke-kun I'm so tired and hungry!" Whined Sakura.

"Hn." Replied the emo looking teen.

Naru almost laughed at Sasuke being tortured by the fan girl but she smoothed out her cool.

"Sasuke-kuuuuuun!" Screeched the pinkette.


Naru opened her eyes feeling kakashi's presence and jumped down from the tree. Sakura and Sasuke however were asleep leaning against the tree the white haired girl just came from.
Kakashi almost Laughed at the scene but purposely stepped on a branch to wake up the two.
Sasuke woke up glaring at him and Sakura...woke up not so pretty.

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