|| Chapter 13 ||

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The Principal could tell the new teacher was nervous.

He never really bothered to speak with new teachers, or janitors, but this person felt different. He didn't really know what kind of different, but it was a good different. Like he just wanted to be closer. Perhaps as a friend.

The Principal was a scary person to talk to, for a new teacher. He's the person who is in charge, who can fire them and pay them. The Principal didn't mind being feared half the time, but the other half makes him realize that he didn't have any true friends.

Sweep was being annoying already to the new teacher, rambling away at who knows what. The Principal watched from afar, his eyes locked on the new teacher. He felt a warmth flood through him, gently caressing his cold personality. What's wrong with him? Could it be possible that he wanted to befriend this person? Yet he never felt like this. It was a strange presence, foreign to him.

Yet it felt beautiful.

The Principal has never directly spoken to the teacher. He's only seen him in the interview with his supervisor. Only when he was walking out, that is. The Principal and the new teacher had exchanged looks, before moving on to the next person.

The Principal Breathed in, before walking towards the two.

"Here comes the boss!" Sweep sang, lowering himself mockingly at the Principal's arrival. However, the new teacher panicked and lowered himself quickly. Having a better look, the teacher looked strange. He has a bald head with a single hair, curled and popping out. He wore a lazily thrown on green sweater and jeans, with shoes tied neatly. His brown eyes locked on the Principal's gray eyes, and the bald teacher fumbled with his folders.

"Good evening, madam!" The teacher stammered. "My name's Mr. Baldi, I'm the new Mathematics teacher!"

The Principal was about to respond when he froze. "Madam-?"

"Yes- Ahh Shit you're a male!" Mr. Baldi straightened And frantically corrected himself.

"Don't worry!" Sweep Laughed. "I did the same thing!"

"Oh, you have certainly not." The Principal huffs. "I allowed my hair to grow out because I think it looks fabulous and hit with the kids."

"You're already fabulous to begin with." Mr. Baldi Breathed. "N-not saying that-"

"Thank you." The Principal chuckled. "Really, thank you. It means a lot to me. Do you want to go get something to eat in the cafeteria?"

"Yes! I mean... yes." Mr. Baldi straightened, trying to look professional.

Oh... what happened to that Baldi?

The Principal was reading silently at the staircase. It has been only two days since the event. Outside was beautiful, with a fresh breeze and a ray of sunshine warming him as he watched the children play. The Principal looked up from his book occasionally, watching them run, laugh, and be carefree.

"Sir, I would like a raise."

The Principal looked up from his paperwork. "I beg your pardon?"

"I need to save up for a date with my girlfriend." Mr. Baldi insistes. "I plan on asking her tonight. You know, the big question."

"Aha- Of course! If you want, I can give you a huge amount of money to give you the proper date to ask." The Principal tried to look through his bag, however Mr. Baldi chuckled.

"You don't have to give me a huge amount. Just enough to at least pay for a decent amount of food."

"Of course, of course. But you're my  friend, Mr. Baldi. It's the least I could do."

"Then do me a favor and not call me "Mr"." Mr. Baldi laughed. "When will you ever tell me your real name?"

"In all time due." The Principal purred. "In the mean time, I'll help pay for your date. Tell me all about it tomorrow, Okay?"

"Of course!" Baldi Laughed. "I'll ensure that I'll tell you every little detail!"

The Principal looked up at the sky, which darkened every second. It's probably going to rain. He thought, closing his book. He stayed still, though, waiting for the first raindrop to bring the children inside.

Baldi never told him what happened that night, and never spoke of his girlfriend again.

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