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Baldi x Reader |Ever since you came| ⚠DISCONTINUED⚠ by _Sbeve_
Baldi x Reader |Ever since you Mc'Yeet
You were a shy quiet 19 years old girl that has failed math due to anxiety and how much stress it gives you and is now sent to summer class by your abusive mother (Fucki...
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Is this really love? [a Principal x Baldi story] (COMPLETE ) by LostBoy200
Is this really love? [a •-Benjamin-•
This ones for you my friend. Hah... what am I doing with my life. Sigh. Oh well I'm already doing it , so it really doesn't matter at this point. -Benjamin [Aka: writer...
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1 + 1 = 2 | Baldi x Reader by ZeroCiro
1 + 1 = 2 | Baldi x Readerby daily bleach
You and Baldi have been best friends since the 7th grade! How will he react when he finds out your secret feelings for him after all these years? Credit to angerissue fo...
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Why him? (Princibaldi Au: Mute/Deaf!Baldi x Strict!Principal)/Complete/  by StarlySansyCreation
Why him? (Princibaldi Au: Mute/ Bs_Draws
This is my original idea about my Au. So this Au take place in the same timeline except when they both reach in their 40' s (except, Baldi is 39 while Princi is 2 years...
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○■you Got My Heart UwU■○ Baldi X Reader 《Slow Updates》 by BillTheTriangleKing
○■you Got My Heart UwU■○ Baldi X ♡♡
(Y/n) (l/n) got sent to a summer school And meets baldi What will happen? Will he spank her to death? Or Will he love her? ~FIND OUT~ Baldi's basics doesn't belon...
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Everytime i think of you||Princibaldi|| Baldi's basics in education and learning by EmilyChanEMI
Everytime i think of you|| パイナップル
i don't know what am i doing with my life lmao.
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Baldi x Reader LEMON by im_offically_gay
Baldi x Reader LEMONby aikido
Grab your lemon, please.
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Hate in a Clear Glass Jar (Principal x Baldi) .:DISCONTINUED T-T:. by FoxyEgg
Hate in a Clear Glass Jar ( Eggo Weggo
(This is complete shit... I will write lemons/ smuts for this book don't worry :>)
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Principal x Baldi (Smut/Lemon/Fluff) by just_an_artist_33
Principal x Baldi (Smut/Lemon/ yui_the_trashy_artist_33
This book may contain of strong language. The principal is dominate and Baldi is submissive. There may be spanking in this book, some violence. This will maybe even cont...
  • yaoi
  • principal
  • baldi
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Baldi x Reader ~Dangerous Lover~ by loving_mermaid
Baldi x Reader ~Dangerous Lover~by Lass_uns_traumen
This is a Baldis basics x reader! Where you, fall in love with an insane summer school teacher and change his heart. And yknow maybe learn some math. ⚠️WARNING THERE WIL...
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Baldi's Basics || Recess Loving / Baldi x The Principal Of The Thing by Gotta-Sweep
Baldi's Basics || Recess Gotta Sweep
Even with the strictest school, there's no shame in falling in love. However, to Mr. Baldi school means work. The Principal couldn't help falling in love with a certain...
  • romance
  • mrbaldi
  • baldisbasics
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No touching my Baldimore in the halls!(Principal of the thing x Baldi) by Sniper_McSnipyTF2
No touching my Baldimore in the I’m a fake sniper
It's been 2 years since Baldimore got a job at the school to teach math The principal since Baldis arrival had a huge crush on him He accepted it and decided to tell him...
  • comedy
  • baldisbasics
  • gay
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50 Shades of Baldi's Basics by baracoffee
50 Shades of Baldi's Basicsby baracoffee
Baldi was a man quick to anger and the way he decided to cope with it wasn't very tasteful. Nobody went against him on his rather torturous methods. Except, one day, the...
  • baldisbasics
  • nsfw
  • principalxbaldi
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Princibaldi {BBIEAL fanfic} [COMPLETE] by inspired_savages
Princibaldi {BBIEAL fanfic} [ inspired_savages
Baltimore Middle School's best math teacher, Mr. Baldi, has a secret. He's has a crush on the principal. That secret had stayed with him for a while until recently, when...
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Math Is Fun! (Baldi's Basics fanfiction) by oofing_inthefastlane
Math Is Fun! (Baldi's Basics trash
Y/N gets sent to school because she failed her last class, and she meets Mr. Baldi. She has a bad feeling about him, and she's afraid she'll do something wrong to anger...
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baldi's basics x male reader (AND MEMES) by blurr3d
baldi's basics x male reader ( clyde
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  • bbieal
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detention for you [ princibaldi ] by wateraesthetics
detention for you [ princibaldi ]by spooks
"when will you learn?" whoever said teachers can't get detention? the bald math teacher gets it all the time due to that temper of his. what happens when he ge...
  • princibaldi
  • principalofthething
  • baldisbasics
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Baldi's Basics x Reader by EspurrRosePam
Baldi's Basics x Readerby Thunder Thot
plz leave request!1!+!+!!+!+!11!!1!!!!
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Baldi X Reader - "He's The Best Teacher" Baldis Basics In Education And Learning by Quite_Simply
Baldi X Reader - "He's The Best QuiteSimply
(Y/N) Failed math so she has to go to summer school, "great,". She thought that it was gonna be so boring but she gets a surprise. 'He's a sweet little green...
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This is normal. [Yandere! Baldi x Reader]  by MicroChan
This is normal. [Yandere! Baldi banana child
[4th Book] ((COMPLETED)) {Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning} You're Y/n. You're Y/a years old and you constantly fail in Basic Math. Your friend left seven note...
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