|| Chapter 10 ||

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"Sweep! How many times do I have to tell you- Stop hitting my arse!"

"Sorry, Boss! I can't help it!" The broom protested.

And for some reason, Mr. Baldi got jealous. He never felt so possessive in his life, just watching the broom and the Principal talk like that. Mr. Baldi itched to tell off Sweep, to grab the Principal and drag him off. Or something stranger, he wanted to be the one hitting his ass. A dark blush dusted across his cheeks. Why am I thinking like this? About my boss, for crying out loud! Nevertheless, he's also a male!

Yet that topic seemed to just fly over his head.

Mr. Baldi groaned and turned away, leaving the two. He had better things to go, such as sulk. Mr. Baldi walked around the school, knowing very well it would piss off a certain someone if he ran. Mr. Baldi pressed his lips together and looked around, then noticed a certain robot. Damnit. He turned, trying to retreat. However, he was noticed.

The robot wrapped his arms around Mr. Baldi, pulling him in for a hug. "How's my favorite teacher?"

"First Prize, release me at once!" Mr. Baldi shouted. "And I'll have you know that my name is Mr Baldi!"

First Prize didn't seem to hear him. "Yes, Badli! Anyways, I had this huge discussion with Sweep today! I forgot what it was about, though..."

"Mr. Baldi, get that correct." Snapped Mr. Baldi. "And I don't care about your discussions with Sweep. Sweep can go fuck himself."

"... How?"

"Don't ask me, ask the broom!" Mr. Baldi Snapped. Knowing First Prize, he would ask the broom anyways.

Mr. Baldi turned and walked away quickly, frustrated. He found Sweep and the Principal talking, the Principal speaking in his usual monotoned voice and Sweep being an idiot as always. I swear, we need to get a vacuum. Thought Mr. Baldi. He went behind The Principal and placed a hand on his shoulder. If he was scared by it, he didn't show it, as the Principal turned to him. "Baldi-"

"Hello." He smiled, though he ensured that it looked menacing and forced. "How are you?"

"Splendid." The Principal quirked a brow. "What are you doing here?"

Mr. Baldi ran his hand down the Principal's arm, earning a slight shiver from the older male. "I thought I could speak with you, alone."

"Deepest apologies, Sweep." The Principal murmurs under his breath to the broom. "I must go with Baldi for a minute."

"No prob, Boss!" The broom cheered, though Mr. Baldi could hear the slight anger in his tone. "I'll speak with Mr. Baldi after ya!"

Mr. Baldi forced another smile. "Great, I look forward to it." He drags the Principal away without another word to Sweep.

"What in the bloody hell was that all about?" The Principal growled, his eyes locked with Mr. Baldi. "I was talking to him!"

"I know." Mr. Baldi snickered. "That's why I dragged you away."

"Oh, damn you."

"Listen," Mr. Baldi went to a more serious discussion. "I want to meet up with you, after school hours. We can go to a cafe."

"Oh? That sounds quite enjoyable." The Principal smiles lightly.

"That is what friends do." Mr. Baldi chuckled, before turning. He could swear that he felt the small smile disappear from the Principal's face behind his back, and the tone shifted to a monotoned one.

"Yes... As just friends."

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