|| Chapter 3 ||

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The bald teacher placed the last quiz to the side, before tilting back and rubbing his head with a hand. His eyes closed to concentrate. Normally, he would have packed up and booked out of the school. However, he made a promise to the Principal that he would go to the park with him. He regrets it, but he knew he could easily lower his paycheck for this.

Mr. Baldi gently pushed the quizzes into a folder, leaned back, then sighed. "Why did I think I could do this." He muttered.

"Baldi!" Cried Out a voice, and the Principal stood at the door. He waved his gloved hand. The Principal looked more dressed up than usual, since he usually stuck to a more grayish tone of a suit. The Principle was wearing a more brownish suit with longer boots, a small brown hat, and white gloves.

"What's with the attire?" Mr. Baldi grumbled, allowing an attitude to show.

"I had a meeting today." The Principal explained. "It was a huge one, with the Boss himself. I did not want to approach him in a plain suit. Why, does this look bad on me?"

"No." Mr. Baldi allowed those words to stumble out of his mouth faster than he wanted to. He doesn't look too bad. His curves are quite a sight- Baldi stop being gay. You're straight. Mr. Baldi face palmed mentally. "You look nice in brown."

"Really? That's good." The Principal chuckled. "Otherwise I would have probably made a fool out of myself in front of him. Sweep was concerned that I hit my head on something for wearing this."

"I would be too. You're usually into the darker color scheme." Mr. Baldi snorted, crossing his arms. "It's weird seeing you like this."

"Like what?" The Principal furrowed his brows.

"In color. Or at least, somewhat closer to color." Mr. Baldi replied. "You're not monotoned either. Are you sure you didn't hit your head?"

"I'm positive." The Principal Snapped. "Now, are we going to the park, or are you just going to poke fun of me until it's dark."

"The second option seems tempting." Mr. Baldi admitted.

"Park it is." The Principal groaned, causing Mr. Baldi to smirk inside. The two walked out of the school, Mr. Baldi lingering behind the Principal. He kept his eyes low, trying to get lost in thought. Those hips kept catching his eye, though, and it was hard to look away. However, he managed to pry his eyes off the Principal whenever he turned to talk to him, walking backwards for a bit before turning ahead once more.

Mr. Baldi didn't know why he was acting like this. He's straight, straighter than his ruler- his slightly bent ruler. The Mathematics' teacher could only think about girls when he was young, with hair and a mustache growing in. Girls would fall for him, he would fall for the girls, until the hair disappeared and so did that lustful mustache. And most importantly, so did the girls.

No one was attracted to Mr. Baldi ever since. Not even his own mother. Mr. Baldi grown up to be a intelligent teacher, and stayed aloof from the other staff members. He felt self conscious about his hair, his looks, his personality. He was so intelligent, he got frustrated that he taught something wrong. Or that he failed to teach a student. He had a career of being the best teacher, never allowing one student to get lower than an A on his tests. If they did....

"Baldi, look!" The Principal broke his train of thought. The teacher looked up, and noticed a small lake in the center of a garden. The garden was filled with budding roses of all colors, with bushes surrounding the lake. The lake was crystal blue with a few lily pads in it, with a single tree looking over the garden. On the Right was a small empty wooden playground, and On The left there was a few small boats. Mr. Baldi never seen this place before.

"I always go here for my lunches." The Principal smiles slightly, a rare sight for a teacher to see. "It's usually beautiful in the summer."

"Probably hot too." Mr. Baldi grumbled.

"That's what the lake is for." The Principal chuckled. "Do you want to walk around it?"

Coming to the park became a usual thing to do with Mr. Baldi and the Principal at that question.

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