|| Chapter 7 ||

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"You what?"

The Principal Snapped. "Why in the bloody world are you blaming me! I have no rights to apologize to you!"

"I apologized!" Complained Baldi.

"Half-assed it."

"Take. That. Back."

"Make me."

Mr. Baldi clenched his ruler, and The Principal stiffened. He wouldn't hurt me. He thought, biting his bottom lip. The bald teacher was impossible to tell what he may or may not do. The Principal braced himself, however Baldi did not budge.

"You will accept my apology, and you will apologize back." Baldi said quietly, the Principal's body releasing a shiver at the tone of his voice.


That Snapped Baldi. Baldi instantly rammed into the Principal, knocking him over. The Principal grits his teeth, grabbing Baldi's arm. Baldi used his ruler to force the Principal's Head back. The Principal snarled, pushing him off with all his strength.

Baldi's Strong. The Principal couldn't match Baldi's strength. He didn't know how the other male was strong, perhaps he worked out. The Principal felt himself get slammed back into the desk, his back arched awkwardly, his eyes looking up at the other, breathing hard. Baldi had his ruler pressed against his neck, his arm gripping the Principal's tie, the other resting on his waist. Baldi's eyes gazed into the Principal's as they breathed hard. Baldi took a deep breath and rubbed the Principal's hip slightly, as if it was a coping method for the bald teacher.

"... We shouldn't fight."

"I know..."

The two didn't move from their position, though Baldi pulled away the ruler. The Principal's hands gripped the  desk. The Principal gazed into Baldi's eyes, the dark brown eyes compared to his gray ones. Baldi had amazing brown eyes, sparkling slightly with emotion. His gray eyes were bland, dull and never sparking with emotion. The Principal breathed quietly after catching his breath, stirring.

"I'm sorry." He murmurs, moving one of his hands to Baldi's cheeks. "Listen... I... I was really worried and confused..."

"It's fine." Baldi sighed. "I should have heard you out. Though I left you so I didn't snap at you. There's something about you."

The Principal's eyes flicked up. "Really?" He stammered. "Look, Baldi... I... I.. It's not your fault, at least not all of it. I should have understood that you wanted to be alone."

Baldi chuckled faintly, moving away slowly. "I guess it's both of us." He Mumbled.

The two fell silent, the Principal relishing in the male's gentle rubbing on his hip. The Principal felt a small thought go through his head.

Yes, he's bisexual. He leans mostly toward women, with a thought of having one by his side. When he did, it never worked out because they always argued. The Principal accepted that he liked men too sexually when he was about a teenager with a smaller male as a boyfriend. The male moved away, forcing them apart. The Principal wasn't shy about his sexuality, but he found it hard to fall in love with people. The reason why was that he didn't seem to fall in love with people quickly. He wanted to get to know them, he wanted to talk to them and enjoy their company before he could develop any feelings.

Girls had asked him out, plenty of times when they first met. They asked for his number to contact him, or rubbed against him. But he never enjoyed it, or always flinched away. The Principal is more of the romantic type, yes, he has his kinks and dirty mind, but he enjoys knowing the person he fell in love with instead of automatically getting attracted to their body.

Baldi was a sore sight to people. He has a bald head, with one hair poking out. He wore red lipstick, a menacing smile, and seemed to have a short temper. Yet his personality was to die for. He's kind when he wants to be, slightly sadistic and violent. He enjoyed being in charge of the situation, just like the Principal, and most of all, he-

"We should probably get to work." Baldi pulled away, rubbing his ruler.

"Yes." The Principal choked out, straightening. "Good day, Baldi."

Baldi arched a brow, turned, then paused. "The same time tomorrow, right?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"For our walk." The bald teacher turned and offered a smile.

"... Yes." The Principal returned it with a small smile. "I would like that."

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