|| Chapter 5 ||

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Mr. Baldi has a headache.

And whenever he has a headache, he would be in the most pissiest mood. Something that Mr. Baldi even suspected that the Principal couldn't handle. Mr. Baldi was hiding out in the cafeteria when the children had left, his head resting on his arms. He had his eyes closed, resting. He probably dozed off, because Mr. Baldi began to dream.

Mr. Baldi had someone pinned, his lips locked against the other's. He couldn't stop kissing the smaller person underneath him, his hands locked on the person's hips. He didn't know who he was kissing, but he was certainly enjoying it. Mr. Baldi moves away from the person's mouth, and moved towards their jaw.


The voice was dazed and faint, and Mr. Baldi froze. Only one person had the guts to call him that, and when he looked up, he looked into dark gray eyes of the Principal.


Mr. Baldi's breath hitched, but he was suddenly shaking.

Mr. Baldi yanked his head up, gasping. "God Damn it, what the hell do you want?" He snarled, turning towards the Principal. The Principal opened and closed his mouth.

"I... I was worried, Baldi-"

"Quit calling me that." Mr. Baldi growled stiffly. "Now, what the hell do you think you're doing. This is my break."

"I was just worried." The Principal replied darkly. "You were not in your classroom when I was there-"

"Fuck off." Mr. Baldi cut him off.


"Quit fucking calling me that!" Mr. Baldi slammed his ruler down, so close to hitting the Principal. The Principal's eyes widened with surprise and fear, looking up at him.

"....I see." He replied softly, his voice darkened with regret and anger. "If you ever learn to respect your boss-"

"Oh, Yap your mouth shut about Respect your boss!" Mr. Baldi Snapped. "I went away to prevent this."

"Prevent what, not talking to me?" The Principal growled. "Because you are doing a damn good job."

"What is your deal? We never were friends, why are you acting like we're the best friends in the whole world!" Mr. Baldi rounded on the Principal, who growled lowly.

"My deal is that I just wanted to just befriend you! You always seem lonely-"

"Because I like it!" Mr. Baldi roared. "Do you think I like going for those walks, listen to you ramble about how your day was and putting children in detention? Do you think I like being around you? I have enough quizzes to correct!"

The Principal stayed quiet, his eyes widened slightly. "And another thing," Mr. Baldi was too caught up ranting to notice the sudden change. "Quit trying to befriend me!"

"Do you think I like befriending you?" The Principal shouted, his usual monotoned voice raising. "You're a bloody stubborn prick who thinks about nothing but himself!"

"I can say the same for you." Mr. Baldi said coldly. "I came here to work, not go hanging out with my boss."

"E-excuse me?"

A squeak made the two men turn, and Playtime stood with her jump rope clenched in her small hands. "I-I wanted to see if you two w-wanted to play with m-me?" She stammered.

The Principal spoke first. "I will lead you outside to accompany you with your jump rope."

Mr. Baldi watched them leave without a word, taking a deep breath before rubbing his head.

"Thank you, for finally leaving me alone."

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