|| Chapter 8 ||

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"You have interesting stories, don't you?"
Mr. Baldi was impressed by the Principal's story telling. He was walking around the lake with his cup of coffee in his hands. His eyes locked on the slightly shorter male as he took a small sip. The Principal May be shorter, but he was a bit older. Mr. Baldi could care less about the age, though, as long as he was taller than the Principal, he was fine.

"Thank you, though my life isn't always this interesting." The Principal touched his eyes gently. "I hate crying in front of people. It's black tears, and it scares them."

"Black? I think that matches your color scheme." Mr. Baldi snickered, gesturing towards his outfit. The Principal adjusted his tie.

"It does, But I don't think it looks nice on me. No one cries black tears."

"Then you're special." Mr. Baldi shrugged slightly. "It doesn't mean you have to be ashamed of it."

The Principal fell quiet, pursing his lips before smiling slightly. The two walked together in peace, sharing the warm sunny weather. The Principal was rambling as usual, though Mr. Baldi did put his word in a few times. It was nice, having their conversations once more. The bald teacher looked up at the sky, clear blue and a bright ball of fire winking down at him.

He's a very nice person. Mr. Baldi thought. I'm very lucky to be with him. Though, it's sad to say that all good things have to end. Mr. Baldi glanced at The Principal, who was talking. A good man, tall, thin, cute... Not cute...

"What did you think?" The Principal asked, arching his brow at Mr. Baldi. Shit, I got too lost in my thoughts to notice what he said.




".... Yes?"


"... You agreed with him cutting off my dick?"

"What- No!" Mr. Baldi blushed furiously. "I... I was lost in my thoughts, sorry. I couldn't help but think..." Shit, I can't just tell him that I thought he was nice! "... about this weather."

The Principal looked up. "True. The weather is beautiful today."

"Exactly, which is why I chose to admire it." Mr. Baldi clapped his hands together. "Oh look at that, we're at the school."

The Principal chuckled. "So we are, thank you for sharing this moment with me."

"The least I could do." Mr. Baldi replies. The Principal brightened, turned, then began to walk away. "Oh, Yeah!" Mr. Baldi called. The Principal froze and turned to him. "Don't let whoever wants to cut your dick off cut it off!" Mr. Baldi yelled.

"I was kidding about that!" The Principal called, huffing.

"... Still, don't get your dick cut off."


Mr. Baldi was teaching class. He didn't hand out a quiz, surprisingly. He was in such a good mood for some reason. Mr. Baldi watched as the children talked quietly. Playtime was, however, quiet. Mr. Baldi was curious about her. She was always silent in his class, or trying to avoid him. She seemed to like the Principal more than him.

Mr. Baldi had beaten up her best friend with a ruler, though.

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