|| Chapter 15 ||

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"... Why?"

The Principal asked as soon as Baldi pulled away. The younger male's arms were wrapped around the Principal's slim waist, holding him close and shielding him from the pouring rain.

"... I'm so sorry." Baldi whispered. "I... I panicked. I screwed up, and I thought I was doing the right choice. But as soon as I thought I lost you, I felt broken inside. I knew..."

The Principal stared at him, his mind racing. His heart thundered softly. "I... I.. don't know what to say." He whispered. "I... I never thought..."

"I shouldn't have treated you like that." Baldi gently swayed the two, resting his head on the Principal's wet one. "You're beautiful. Too beautiful. Just like a rose."

The Principal closed his eyes. "Keep apologizing, it feels amazing knowing that I'm right."

"... fuck You." The two laughed faintly, then realized it was still pouring. Baldi and the Principal led the way quickly to the building, huddling close inside.

"So... Principal..." Baldi hesitated, turning towards the older male. "Does... this mean you'll give me a shot?"

"I don't know, those it?" The Principal smirked lightly, poking the bald man on the nose before walking away. He ensured that his hips swayed as he walked, earning a low hiss from the taller male.

"Keep teasing me like that, and you won't be able to moderate the halls for weeks." Baldi muttered.

The Principal turned to him, then smirked. "I look forward to it."


The Principal was doing his usual score down the halls. Luckily, Baldi didn't keep that promise. The Principal looked at a child who was running down the halls.

"Oi! Detention for you!" He shouted at the kid. He started to go after the kid, however an arm wrapped around his waist, and another covered his eyes.

"Guess who." Breathed a voice.

"Sweep." The Principal said sarcastically.

"I'm not a dusty old cleaning mop!"

"You are to me." The Principal turned around and cupped his cheeks. "You're Old because you're slow..~"

Baldi arched a brow. "Is that a challenge?"

"Depends on if you want to take it as one."

Baldi smirked, sweeping the Principal off his feet and carrying him out to his class room. He kicked down the door, before placing the male on his desk.

"Nothing too wild, we have school soon." Warned the Principal.

"Yeah, Yeah, I know." Baldi muttered, adjusting the door, closing it, and locking it. "I'm quick in bed."

The Principal smirked, laying on the desk. "Prove it...~"

Baldi growled lowly and pinned him, kissing him roughly. The Principal groaned weakly and kissed back, opening his mouth slightly and teasingly so the bald one can enter. As they kissed messily, Baldi grabbed the Principal's hips and drew them close, while the Principal wrapped his arms around Baldi's neck.

This could be something that he wanted. Yet something tells him the story isn't over yet.

The End.

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