|| Chapter 1 ||

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"And that, my friends, is your agenda on the first day of school."
Mr. Baldi sighed, remembering the rehearsal he done only an hour ago. "Remember your homework will be due tomorrow, and there will be a quiz on it. So study hard!" Mr. Baldi turned, rapping his ruler against the smooth desk. "Any questions?" Not waiting for a hand to raise, He States quickly, "Recess!"

The school children shuffled out, Mr. Baldi calmly rehearsing what usually happens during that time of day. Bullies would go demand candy and little kids cry to others to play. Mr. Baldi could care less about what happens to the kids. Once it was recess, they weren't his problem. Mr. Baldi took a deep breath, before stepping outside the door, glancing around wearily. No staff member in sight. Mr. Baldi preferred to be alone, since he liked getting lost in his own lectures. He pursed his lips and slipped out, only to bump into a smaller male.

"Good evening, Mr. Baldi!" Chanted a voice. Mr. Baldi Scowled inside his head, looking at The Principal with narrowed eyes. However, he smiled coldly.

"Hello to you as well. I hope I didn't knock anything out of your hands." Inside, he wishes he had. The Principal wasn't his favorite person. The Principal was strict and always on the prowl for children who didn't follow the rules. He was formal, wearing a suit with a red tie. His dark gray eyes dull but sharp, and his hair slightly ruffled but usually smoothed back. Mr. Baldi would have treated him like any other teacher - or student - if he didn't pay him.

"No Student has been running in the halls." Chirped the Principal. "Perhaps they are following the rules."

"Or maybe they're sick and tired of hearing your voice, because I know I have." Mr. Baldi sneered, But only earned a small chuckle from the Principal.

"You are quite humorous today, Baldi. Is something on your mind?" The Principal questioned.

"Quitting." Mr. Baldi tried to sidestep the Principal, however he followed.

"You don't mean that." The Principal huffed. "Besides, you're one of my best teachers. No one has ever failed in your class." Mr. Baldi felt proud of the compliment, basking in it. He loved being complimented, it made his day and boosted his own self esteem. Even if it was from someone as annoying as the Principal.

"Of course no one has failed my class." Mr. Baldi snorts. "I'm the top notch teacher that you require."

The Principal chuckled quietly. "I quite agree. Shall we walk to the cafeteria together to grab a small lunch?"

Mr. Baldi hesitated. He didn't want to go with him, he wanted to be alone and in his room thinking about his next quiz. Before he could respond, the Principal's dark eyes shot Up.

"Oi! Stop running in the halls!" The Principal shouted, storming towards the student, who was frozen in terror.

Mr. Baldi took the chance. "Looks like your hands are full! I'll talk to you later!" He called, hurrying away- slowly so it wouldn't trigger a response from the other- adding "Hopefully not." Under his breath.

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