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Quick Note before I start:
A lot of people demand me why Baldi isn't "nervous" or "shy", And why the Principal seems to be the "submissive one". Alright, here's my answers.

I perceive Baldi to be hard to get along with, and a bit more aloof. He likes to have things done his way, and that he's not afraid to speak out. He gets very annoyed easily because of his short temper, which explains the Quiz thing ((as well as he doesn't want kids to fail in his class)). In this story, the Principal is unaware of this behavior though he does suspect that Baldi is a sadistic person in nature. I don't like the stories where he gets all shy and flustered easily, I like having him like this because it gets to a deeper side of him, and that the Principal and Baldi have to really go through trouble to be together. They're both stubborn and they're going to have ups and downs to their arguments. I feel like having an easily flustered Baldi would have made this story so much shorter than it already is.

A lot of people ask me why it's already 6 ((Or 7)) chapters in and the two still aren't together yet.
Well, Baldi thinks he's straight. He's unsure of the feelings he has towards the Principal and doesn't truly believe in them. The Principal is interested in Baldi, however he's not fully convinced that he's in love with Baldi. However, he is convinced that Baldi loves him. The story is long because of their complications in the relationship. I plan on touching upon that subject, though I do have them show signs of their feelings towards each other.

All characters have personality. The Bully will soon be introduced into the story, as well as more time with Playtime, Arts and Crafts, Sweep, etc. I want this story to focus on the development of their relationship, a smooth transition to trying to egg Baldi out of his shell to be in the relationship. People ask me why it's taking too long to do so, and that's why.


Principal is NOT submissive.
Neither of them have a particular role in the relationship. They both are dominant, and want to stay like that. If I had to choose one, It would be the Principal as Baldi is more of a sadistic person in this story.

If you have any questions, Don't Spam me in PM, but ask here. I'll answer the comments if they involve questions about the story.

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