7: секрет

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Chapter seven : секрет

Svetlana's (Lana's) POV

After we had finished breakfast, we both go and buy two caps and sunglasses as an easy disguise. We then walked back to the carpark, more people had arrived and the carpark was already quite packed. We weave ourselves around the people and cars, a few meters away I see two men leaning by a black SUV. Both of them are wearing sunglasses and caps. I grab Luca's arm and pull him behind a camper van that was parked next to us. 

"See those two guys by that SUV?" I say jerking my head in their direction. Luca peers out from behind the van and nods. 

"They're probably the same guys from Florida." 

"We need to get out of here, come on." Luca grabs my hand and walks casually and quickly over to our car. Before walking into the passenger side I see the two men pointing at us and shouting, my eyes widen. I jump into the car and start yelling, "DRIVE LUCA! THEY'VE SEEN US!" Luca pulls out of our space in lighting speed, he speeds out of the carpark and back out onto the highway. The black SUV follows close behind. Minis are not known for their speed, we were currently driving seventy kilometers. 

"Can't you go any faster!?" 

"I'm trying!" Luca huffs out in annoyance. The black SUV comes closer, looking out the rearview mirror I see one of the guys sticking his head out of the window while pulling out a something black and shiny. 

"GUN!" I scream, a piercing shot is fired as me and Luca both duck down. The passenger side window was hit, hundreds of pieces of glass fall on and around me. I grab my gun from my holster and send a few shots back, I hit their windscreen but it doesn't break. 

"Shit, their car is bulletproof." I say in frustration. More shots are fired at our car, I duck and send a few bullets back. 

"Why am I not surprised?" Luca mutters, "aim for their tires!" 

I do as he says, I peer out the window and try to hit their tires. I miss by an inch. 

"Fuck!" I say, our windscreen suddenly breaks into hundreds of tiny pieces. Glass flies everywhere. I try again, I take my aim and hit their front tire. Their car starts to slow down, I try to hit their back tire and succeed. They halt to a stop as they get out and start yelling at us in Japanese. They start firing their guns at us again, but we turn onto a different highway and they disappear from view.

I huff out a breath, "that was close." 

"Yeah." Luca says while running a hand through his hair. "We need to get a new car, and change our appearances properly." 

"Yep, good idea." 


We drive for another thirty minutes before arriving at a small gas station in what looked like a deserted town. Luca pulls in a few feet away from the gas station and we both hop out. 

"Okay, chances are whoever owns this gas station has a car. One of us needs to create some sort of distraction, while the other finds some car keys." 

"Get some scissors to cut our hair, or hair dye maybe," I say. 


We walk up to the gas station and peer inside the small shop, a thirty-looking year old man sat behind the counter. He was scrolling through his phone. 

"Now all we need is a distraction." Luca says. 

"I'll flirt with him." I say, Luca looks up at me with an expression of shock but he soon covers it up.

"Good idea." 

I give him a small smile, I pull my v-neck top further down before strolling into the shop with my head held high. 

"Oh my god! Kind sir you must help me!" I say dramatically while faking a french accent as I walk over to the counter, the man instantly looks up.

"What's wrong?" He asks, I see him glance at my cleavage and I internally smile.

"My car broke down a mile from here, I had to walk all ze way here!" I say pouting. "Would a nice man like you help me?" I say as Luca inconspicuously walks in and glances at the rows of snacks, the man hardly notices his presence. 

"Of course I'll help! I can call a tow truck." He lifts his phone and dials a number. 

"Do you have a car? Maybe you could give me a lift to ze nearest hotel!"I say, the man looks up at me and I wink at him. 

"Well yes! I have a Honda in the back." 

"Thank you!" I reply. He dials a number and talks to the person on the other line. After a minute or two he hangs up.

I spot a car key hanging on a hook near the cashier. "Will you show me where the bathroom is?" I ask, battering my eyelashes. 

"Yeah, right this way." When the mans back is turned I look back at Luca and point to the hook near the cashier, he nods his head. I follow the man into a storage room. 

"This not the bathroom." I say slowly. The man locks the door behind me. 

"No, it isn't," the man comes towards me and runs his hands down my torso. I wanted to gag, anger coursed through me and I punched him in the temple. Knocking him out completely. I brush my hands on my jeans and walk out back into the store. 

"I knocked him out, got everything we need?" 

"Yep, we're good to go." Luca says, holding a small plastic bag. He tosses me the car keys and we find our way to the back of the shop. I heave myself into the car, pulling  back out onto the highway.   


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