Chapter 7: "What the hell was that?"

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A noise fought its way through their jubilance, and Iris stopped laughing. Stephen noticed and quieted down.

"Whats wrong?" Iris held up her hand, a signal to stop talking.

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" A resounding thud echoed in the ship like something had hit it from the outside.

"That." Stephen stood with Iris, and orange holograms flashed in the corner of her vision. She held out her hands, prepared to do her best against whatever was coming. Strange stood at her side, looking -again -much more heroic. The silence stretched, interrupted by Tony swearing loudly and clearly. Iris sighed.

"I swear to god, If we're being invaded I'm blaming him. Stark?" She called out into the corridor, running toward his ticked-off voice. Stephen's padded feet followed behind her, cape fluttering.

Iris rounded corner after corner accompanied by more obscenities. The room she'd been in previously flew into view, revealing Stark and Spider-boy fussing over something.

"What the hell did you do?" Stark turned around hands up in the air in frustration.

"I didn't do shit." He gestured to the (what she assumed was) control panel, which had a bright, red light flashing ominously. "This thing started beeping and it's freaking me out." Iris and Strange walked over and he let his shields fall.

"Did you hit something?"

"I don't fucking know." Iris gestured toward the kid dressed as a human spider.

"Watch your language. There are children here." The kid stepped forward. His mask was off (thank god, those eyes were creepy) and his long, brown hair flopped around his ears and forehead and Iris had to admit: the kid looked pretty good for a teenager.

Oh my god, do you hear yourself?

I'm sorry, are you disagreeing?

You bet your ass I am, the kid can't be over sixteen!

Doesn't change the fact that he's pretty good looking.

Are you dating Stephen or not? 

Spider-boy stepped forward with his hand out. "Hi, um, I'm Peter. Peter Parker."

"Iris Cunningham. How old are you? Don't you think you're a bit young to be running around in a superhero costume?" Iris shook his hand.

"Um, eighteen."

Bullshit, there's no way.

Haha, in your face.

Her voice muttered cursings under its breath, and Iris decided not to retaliate. Stark looked them both up and down.

"You didn't do it in an alien spaceship, did you?" Stephen choked on thin air behind her.

"Oh my god Stark, your such an ass."

"I'm just making sure." Iris rolled her eyes and turned around to Stephen, whose face was a delicate shade of red. She sniggered under her breath.

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