Chapter 14: "We did good, Supergirl."

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Say something, I'm giving up on you

I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you

Anywhere, I would've followed you

Say something, I'm giving up on you

Stark didn't even hesitate before zooming to her side.

"Turn around, now!" Iris turned, and Tony began fiddling with something on the back of her suit. There was a click, several, and a loud hiss.

"Stark?" Iris willed a tear away, "It's been fun."

"Uh uh, I made a promise, I'm getting you out of here alive."

"W-what?" Iris looked at the clock in the corner, and her heart skipped a beat.

The numbers weren't counting down, they were going up. Stark was giving her air. His air.


"Stark! Tony no!" Iris tried to spin around, but Stark's firm grip on his shoulder and back refused to let her budge. As the numbers climbed, so did her sense of worry. Stark was giving up his air, his life support, for her to live.

The man was a better person than Iris had ever given him credit for.

Tony's voice spoke in her ear, voice cracking and weak. "We did good, Supergirl," Stark cleared his throat, and Iris saw the number hit twenty-seven seconds. "Tell Peter," A pause, a heartbreaking pause that let Iris know just how much Tony cared about their safety before his own. A heartbreaking pause where Iris realized Tony's last words were for the people he cared about, the ones he loved. A heartbreaking pause that yanked salty tears down Iris's cheeks. "Tell Peter I did this for him." And his hands let go of her armor keeping her alive.

Iris screamed as the numbers stopped momentarily at thirty, and counted down again.  

Thinking as fast as she could, trying to think through the grief and tears and sobbing, Iris grabbed Tony around his waist and blasted as fast as she could toward the airlock.

There were several things she would do but leaving Tony's body to drift away in space was not one of them. And if there was even a fraction of a possibility that he was still alive, she'd take that chance, no matter the percentage.

"F.R.I.D.A.Y.? Can we go any faster?" In response to her plea, Iris felt her legs snap together, and the ship flew by at an astonishing speed.

The timer counted down to seventeen, and Iris patched through to Peter.

"Parker? Please tell me you're getting this." The words didn't come out easily, in fact, Iris was surprised they even came out at all. They sounded choked, watery, and she tried to clear her throat. 

"Yeah, Iris what's wrong? You sound like-"

"-Never mind what I sound like, It doesn't matter right now."

"Where's Mr. Stark?" Oh god, what was she going to tell Parker? That his mentor, his one father-figure left was currently not breathing and had given up his time to save her?

"He-he's otherwise occupied right now."

"The timer's done, no offense Miss Cunningham, but you two should be dead." I know, dear god I know, she thought. Iris cleared her throat.

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