Chapter 17: "This isn't Star Wars, Tony."

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Will you wait until it all burns down

Will you hide until it all burns down

Will it hurt when it all burns down

Will you fight when it all burns down

Once everyone had gathered their flying limbs and stood up straight, it was slightly less chaotic. But not by much.

The Guardians left, leaving Iris, Stephen, Peter, and Tony to man the controls and keep the ship from blowing to pieces. More than once, a blinking, scary looking light blinked on the dashboard, Tony was called over, and the situation was assessed.

What did that mean? It meant one of them had to pull wires and mechanical part apart and risk electrocution with Stark breathing down their necks.

Truly a hoot.

At one point, Tony wandered over to her, and Iris had the urge to run and hide behind Stephen. "If this is about fixing the ship again, I'm good, thanks." Tony chuckled and stood next to her, arms crossed and gazing out the window, watching space fly by.

"It's not about the ship."

"Thank god, I've had enough of adventure for several lifetimes."

"We're not out of the frying pan yet."

"The fire's next, I know." Stark nodded and hummed next to her. "How fast is this ship even going?" Tony shrugged.

"Even I don't know. Probably light speed, or faster. Who knows?"

"This isn't Star Wars, Tony."

"No, It's much scarier." Iris didn't respond, she didn't have anything to say to that. Stark wasn't wrong, today was beginning to look like a Star Wars movie. Between shooting down enemy ships and fighting against an alien who had a remarkable likeness to Squidward. Tony cleared his throat and spoke.

"I wanted to thank you." Iris did a double take.

"Tony Stark is thanking me? Are you sure you're feeling alright?" Another one of Tony's signature eye rolls.

"I wanted to thank you for, ah, um, being there for me. Out there. In space," This was clearly not his strong suit, showing gratitude to people. "It meant a lot to me. And thanks for not letting me die. And keeping Peter on his feet, that kid," He cleared his throat. "He means a lot to me."

"I can tell. He acts like your son."

"He really isn't, but you wouldn't believe how many people have said that to me."

"I'm not surprised, you act like his dad." Tony looked astonished.

"I do not!"

"Yes, you do."

"Name one instance where I acted like a father."

"Just one?" Cue an eye roll. Iris grinned before answering. "From what I've heard, even Peter thinks you act like a dad. But if you're asking for one instance, how 'bout that one time fifteen minutes ago when the first person you made sure was alright in the room was Parker?"

"He was the closest to me!"

"Bullshit, he was all the way across the room don't lie to me, Tony. Parker's told me some funny stories, you want me to list those too?"

"Pete, you and I are gonna have a talk," Stark muttered and Iris laughed.

Tony smiled and continued to watch space zoom by. It looked like something out of Star Wars. What was it that they called it? Hyperspace? Something like that. Stars and endless blackness blurred together to form a medium shade of blue, almost like the color of the ocean.

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