Chapter 27: "I wish I could say I disagreed with you."

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In my recovery

I'm a soldier at war

I have broken down walls

I defined, I designed 

Tony Stark 

Great, he thought with a bitter edge, now I have two unconscious idiots in my care. 

Tony, the more he thought about it, couldn't actually blame Stephen for what had happened. Granted, it scared the living daylights out of him when the former neurosurgeon seemed hell-bent on killing him, but he knew why. And deep down, Tony knew he would've probably done the same if something happened to Peter. 

No, he would definitely kill everybody on the spot, no doubt. 

A groan next to him alerted everyone to the waking Stephen, fingers rubbing his temple. The guy must have a killer migraine, being thrown into that many rocks. 

Strange sat up, perfectly styled hair falling out of place across his forehead. He coughed, blinking rapidly. Tony held his breath, silently begging for something else to not happen. 

He reached down and held his hand out to Strange. A split second of hesitation later, he grabbed it and Tony pulled Stephen to his feet. He cleared his throat and looked at Tony for another second, contemplating what to say, before turning to Peter instead. "What did the both of you even do?"

Peter winced, visibly, and so did Stephen, who then turned to him. "Well?" Tony tried to answer a calmly as possible, in fear of another attack. 

"An electric shock, we - basically me- sent an electric shock through my armor into hers. It was intended to render her unconscious, not dead."

"And you thought this was your-our only option?" Tony shrugged, doing his best to stay calm. 

"I didn't see one, we needed to move fast, she was going to kill you up there." Stephen shook his head and stared down at the still passed out Iris. 

"I wish I could say I disagreed with you." Tony did a double take. 

"Hang on, lemme get this straight, you're agreeing with me? Can I get that on tape?" The last question was directed to Peter, who smiled. Stephen shook his head with exasperation. 

Strange bent down and reached two fingers underneath her chin. He sighed and stood up again. "She'll be up soon, I hope." Tony nodded and turned to Peter until he heard a distressed cry from the other Peter. 

The sight he saw next was something out of the worst scenario. 

Thanos was up, having torn free of his bonds and had thrown Drax and Mantis aside in a matter of seconds. 

Quill had cried out because Thanos was reaching for the gauntlet in his hands. Nebula rushed forward, knocking the titan back for a moment, before being thrown aside herself. 

Tony and Parker were next to them in a less than ten seconds. Stephen remained behind to seek shelter for Iris' body for the time being. 

Tony's mask slipped over his head and so did Peter (both of them.) Quill activated his boosters, but it was too late, the situation was already rolling downhill. 

Thanos grabbed him by the foot, preventing him from leaving and threw him on the ground at his feet. Tony planted his feet and extra compartments materialized blasting more bright blue lasers. 

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