Chapter 28: "What the hell am I going to do?"

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Set me on fire, Set me on, set me on fire

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Bet you didn't think that I'd come back to life


Iris Cunningham 

Iris couldn't stop thinking about what would've happened if she'd stayed at home for a couple extra minutes. About how if she'd been five minutes later, would she have missed the space donut? Who knows? 

Stephen had gone, Iris didn't know for how long, she'd lost track of the seconds she'd tried to count. She heard a crash in the distance, but she couldn't tell if that was Tony blowing things up, or the planet falling apart. 

Dear god, Tony

Iris felt absolutely terrible... about everything. The gauntlet, trying to kill Stephen, Tony, Peter, literally everyone else. It was like a constant stab to the gut. The guilt of it weighed upon her shoulders like a concrete block, suffocating her. 

The instant the gauntlet had gone on, it was like she'd been thrown into her own personal hell. The pain was nearly unbearable. It was liked being trapped in her body. unable to control the simplest movements. Even twitching her finger was hard. 

Somehow, someway, the voice in her head had taken over the talking part (and basically everything else.) 

And the strangest thing was, ever since she'd woken up the voice was dead silent. It was the oddest thing like it was too quiet in her head. Iris had gotten so used to hearing a knock-off of her voice butting into every conversation she had. To not have it felt like part of her was missing. 

Though, there was another part of her that didn't mind it gone.  

Her thought process during the ordeal had been something like: The gauntlet is causing me pain, get the glove off, take the pain away. The rest of the stone will help ease it. 

Iris didn't even know what her thoughts were, it was just so confusing. 

In short, she'd done some dumb shit and shit had gone down. 

She groaned again and rubbed her temples as another wave of a migraine hit. Iris wedged her head between her knees and groaned. "What the hell am I going to do?" 

Another question: where did Stephen and Tony run off too? And Peter? And the Guardians? 

The last question was answered shortly after she asked it; Quill's head popped over the edge of a rock and peered down at her. Next to him was antenna girl, and Iris assumed the rest were not far behind. 

Quill cocked his head to the side, "You good over there?" Iris nodded and straightened. 

"Great, fantastic. Yourself?" Quill swung a leg over the stone and dropped down next to her. 

"Dandy, but not as bad as your doing." He knelt down at her side. "You sure you're good?" Iris nodded and tried to hold back a tear. 

"Yeah, I er, wanted to apologize. For you know, trying to kill you and everything. That was stupid." Quill nodded. 

"Very stupid, would not recommend doing that again." Iris cracked a smile. 

"Neither would I." Quill waved a hand behind him, and antenna girl dropped down. She smiled at Iris, and she tried to smile back. 

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