Part 1

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It was your birthday in just a few days and your parents were going crazy, you were turning 21 and your parent told you to go to their house so they can surprise you.
Your interests:
-Video games

You finally got to your parents house and the house was so clean and looked so spacious. You didn't know how they did it becuase they had so much crap lying around bit this time it was the cleanest thing ever.
Mom: "Hi hun!! How have you been?"
Dad: "You excited for your birthday *gives your mom a wink*
You: "yeah, why wouldn't I be, I'll be 21!!! I'll be able to drinkkkk!!"
Dad: "Be responsible"
You: "I know dad, I was just messing around"
After you caught up with your parents, you guys went out shopping and you went to the spare room to go to sleep. The next day will be your birthday!

[The next day]
You woke up and your parents brought you breakfast in bed and they announced they'll take you to the bar for your first drink.
You got up and picked out this outfit

You got downstairs and cleaned your dishes

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You got downstairs and cleaned your dishes. Once you were down stairs you opened up some presents that you got from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends and you thanked them all through the phone becuase only your parents were there. Until the doorbell rang...

It's a new book!! Hope ya like

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