Part 3

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The sleeping arrangements for the week:
(Your parents are rich btw so they gotta big house 😂)
RM and Jin in the basement
Jungkook, Jimin and V in what used to be your old room but now one of the spare rooms
J-hope and Yoongi are in the other spare room
And you were in the spare guest room that you were using before.

Your parents' house has a theater, pool, library, recording studio, dance studio, a crap ton of rooms, guest rooms and an instrument room with the instruments that you knew how to play. You played a lot when you were younger since you're an only child and music was your way of not feeling so lonely when your parents went on business trips.

You were already getting pretty comfortable with the boys and realized that they were just like normal people, they didn't look like an ordinary person becuase they were all legends but they were ordinary people.

It was time for you guys to all go to the bar and celebrate and for you to have your first drink. You wore this

Your parents bought you a car for your 16th birthday and you used it to drive Jimin, Jungkook, and V

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Your parents bought you a car for your 16th birthday and you used it to drive Jimin, Jungkook, and V. J-hope, RM, Jin, and Yoongi drove with your parents. On the way there, Jimin sat up front with you and you guys both talked while the two youngest were acting like children and continously asking "Are we there yet?" It was a 30 minute drive to get to the bar so you had to find a way to distract them and make them shut up, so you gave then your phone to play on.

Tae: I didn't know you had Superstar BTS!! I wanna play it~ Jungkookie give me the phone
Jungkook: but I just got it, lemme play one song and then you'll get it
Jimin: YA, stop being such babies

*Tae whispers to Jungkook*
Tae: let's look through her phone
Jungkook: finally hyung, you've thought of something I actually wanna do
Tae opened up your gallery and saw the amount of pictures and screenshots you had of kpop idols and mostly BTS...
Jungkook: dang Tae, look at you I'm this photo..OH WAIT THERE'S A PIC OF JIMIN SHIRTLESS

You look back to see them going through your gallery
You started to grab at the phone but then Jimin grabbed it and gave it to you, knowing that you'd explode without it.
You: thanks Jimin
Jimin: you can call me chim chim if you really wanna
Jungkook: you mean you want her to call you chim chim

After their little fight, you guys finally got to the bar and your parents were already there. You guys got some seats and ordered some drinks, your mom and you ordered Margaritas. You didn't know what to get so you just went along with your mom.
You sat in the middle of Jimin and RM. You tried the drink and it tasted pretty sour but sweet at the same time, but you liked it.
Later on through the night, you didn't drink a lot but Jimin decided to drive just in case. By the end of the night you got all the boys' numbers and they put you in the their group chat. Which was pretty hectic but you loved it.

Once you all got home, you all played video games and Jimin played with your hair and even braided it.

After all that you guys went to bed. You got in pj's and took a shower and then watched some TV in bed. Group chat
Jungkook: Tae keeps kicking me in his sleep
Jimin: not my fault, don't even think about joining in my bed...
RM: just get to bed, tomorrow we'll change arrangements for sleeping
You: why are you all still up
Yoongi: jimin and jungkook's fault
Hoseok: they won't let me sleep
Jungkook: ok that's it, Jimin I'm going on your bed
Jungkook: too late
Jimin: that's it
End of chat
You heard the boys moving around and then Jimin came in
Jimin: "can I sleep with you, Jungkook came onto my bed and bugged me..."
You: "yeah sure"

You moved over and and Jimin came onto your bed next to you and stayed up with you and watched tv and talked, you guys then realized that it was 4:30 A.M and decided you needed to sleep. You layed on your side and Jimin was facing you and snuggled you a bit. You can tell he was a snuggle bug. You both went to sleep peacefully.

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