Part 4

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You woke up and it was 11, but you decided to sleep in a bit more becuase Jimin was still asleep. You checked your phone and your parents said that they were called into work for the rest of the time the boys were there and for 6 more months for an emergency so you and boys had the house to yourself and then you went to bed again.

30 minutes later, J-hope came in and jumped on both of you to wake you up so then you could have lunch before it was all gone, Jin of course made it. You got up and Jimin went to go get ready. You took a shower and put on this outfit

You went downstairs to eat and then you went to the instrument room and decided to play the guitar

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You went downstairs to eat and then you went to the instrument room and decided to play the guitar. You loved playing the bass and even thought about making a career out of it but you wanted to pursue photography. But you played a few songs and moved to the piano and played some BTS songs. You turned to go to out but you were stopped by Jimin standing at the door.
Jimin: You're sure full of surprises aren't you?
You: Haha, you just need to get to know me more, I'm pretty predictable sometimes
Jimin: well I guess I'll just need to get to know you more then y/n

You started blushing.

Jimin: you know, you don't have to be so shy around me, we did stay up and talk for hours last night and we already learned a lot about eachother, so just talk to me and the boys normally
You: yeah I know, I'll try, I just don't want to get too attached to you guys since you'll be leaving in a week
Jimin: what, you don't think that after this, we'll forget about you, we'll still call and text you and visit as much as we can, so don't be worried about that y/n, we all love you and I especially have taken an interest in you
You: well I have taken an interest in you too Chim chim

You guys went out and decided to all watch a movie in the theater your parents had in the basement.

You wanted to watch a scary movie so you put on IT becuase none of you had seen it yet, so you got candy and popcorn and sat next to Jimin and V.
Jimin: if you get scared I'll be here to protect you~
V: y/n if I get scared, could I hold your hand??
You: sure Tae, don't worry I'll protect you *you all started to laugh*

The movie was getting to a scary part and V took your hand and squeezed, he kept getting really scared, Jimin even got closer to you. You got scared and started to hug Jimin so then the clown wouldn't kill you.

After the movie, all the boys looked shook, they couldn't believe what they watched. They all ran upstairs and never wanted to come back down to the basement again, leaving you and Jimin

Jimin: how do we end up all alone together
You: I don't know, you wanna go upstairs or watch another movie, we can watch a not scary one this time
Jimin: let's watch another movie

You guys decided to watch The Notebook
You could feel Jimin's eyes on you, but you didn't want to look at him becuase you'd be blushing like crazy, even more than you were now.

Jimin: y/n, how can you be so pretty without even trying? Like you're effortlessly beautiful and you don't even know it
You: no, I'm not really confident in my appearance
Jimin: well you should be, you're one of the most beautiful people I've seen and I've seen a lot of people

After watching the movie for another hour

Jimin: I want you to know that I've been starting to like you, like have feelings for you, which is crazy to think since we just met yesterday but I feel this connection to you and I feel like I was meant to surprise you on your birthday. You're the most interesting person and one of the best people I know
You: well jimin, I hope you know that you're on of the most interesting and beautiful people I've ever seen *you starting blushing even more, not believing that you told him that and you started to giggle*
Jimin: Haha *you both started laughing* but my real question is why am I so attracted to you?

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