Part 15

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You guys started to get on the plane and you sat with Jimin on the window seat and Tae on the other side. You held Jimin's hand and Tae's hand becuase you never liked going on flights.

Jimin: hey, only hold my hand, you're mine!!
Tae: well she's my best friend so back off buddy boy!!
You: boys, I'll hold both of your hands!!

You ended up holding both of their hands and fell alseep on Jimin's shoulder for the entire flight becuase you didn't get much sleep.

Jimin: babe wake up, we're here
You: where's here?
Jimin: Seoul, we're going to be heading to BigHit so then they are updated with everything and you can come to the dorms the boys and I live in
You: oh ok, sounds good, where will I be staying?
Namjoon: oh you'll be staying with us!!
You: wait really!?
Hobi: yup so be prepared to get annoyed by all the boys VERY quickly
Tae: you should stay in my room so Jimin doesn't try anything with you~
Jin: will you all stop, we will all think about that later
Yoongi: let's just get to the dorms so then I can sleep more

You guys got back to the dorms and Yoongi went right to his bed and you got a tour of the place.

RM: this is my room, and studio thing, it's very open to everyone, so you are welcome to come in and hang out with me
This is Jungkook and Tae's room
Tae: yeah and we can play video games in here when we want to!!
RM: now be quiet becuase this is Yoongi's room and studio and there are so many locks, he doesn't want anything to come in EVER
RM: this is hobi's room and studio, he likes working on a lot of different songs
Jimin: and this is my room, you're always welcome!! Well you'll be staying in this room anyways~~

You went to hangout in the living room and the boys took you to BigHit so then you can practice and meet all the staff and know where everything was.

Jimin: so how are liking the place and the staff?
You: I'm loving it, everyone is so nice and caring
Jimin: great so maybe we could go and practice a duet that Yoongi wants us to do for the album?
You: sure, what duet does he want us to do?
Jimin: Let Go

You guys practiced it and the staff gathered around and complimented how well you guys did.

~Time skip~
2 years later

You and Jimin were so happy together, and it was the happiest you've ever been and you loved eachother dearly, you've even thought about the chance of marrying him.

Jimin: y/n, it's our two year anniversary, wanna go out tonight?
You: of course chim chim, and I've gotten you something!!
Jimin: well I have to save my gift for later but whatever you give me, I'll love whatever you give me, baby

You grabbed the letter with a bunch of deep stuff in it and it explains how you feel about it and why you love him so much, he cried while reading and you kissed him afterward.

You guys went to dinner and Jimin once again looked worried, he was nervous and talked to the manager before we got to our table. You ate a delicious dinner and you guys got desert, you got a cake and once you got it, there was a beautiful ring on top of the whip cream, you looked at Jimin.

He was down on one knee...

Jimin: y/n, I've loved you ever since we started hanging out, I always got so nervous around you and my heart always fluttered whenever you would smile or talk. When I woke up next to you in the morning, I knew that's how I want to wake up every morning to the day I die. No one will know how much I love you and how much I want to be with you forever, you've always been here for me and I want to always be there for you. I want you to be more than just my girlfriend, I want you to be my soul mate for life, my y/n, will you marry me?

You were crying your eyes out, your inner fangirl started to come out and you said

You: yes, I'll marry you, my little Jiminie

The end my doods!

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