Part 9

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You woke up to Jimin literally wrapped around you, so you stayed awake and went on your phone becuase you didn't want to wake him up.

After an hour of watching videos on your phone, Tae came in and wanted to wake you up but saw you were already awake.

Tae: oh you're already up, well Jungkookie is wanting to practice dancing now, so whenever you're ready
You: oh ok, I'll try getting up, I'll text him if I need help getting up 😂
Tae: ok sounds good, wow he looks dead when he's asleep
*Jimin wakes up*
Jimin: well you look like a zombie when you sleep so don't even try
Tae: crap, you're awake, ok well ima go eat hehe byeeeee~
Jimin: you going to dance with Jungkook?
You: yeah, I told him if he slept last night, I'd practice with him
Jimin: oh yeah, ok I'll get up and ready
You: k

You got up and took a shower and put on this

You usually danced in casual outfits so you didn't really need to pick an outfit

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You usually danced in casual outfits so you didn't really need to pick an outfit

Jungkook: finally, what took you so long to get up
You: well I had jimin-
Jungkook: oh I've already been there, you don't even need to finish, well maybe we can start with Taemin's song Move?? The choreography is pretty good
You: oh I love that song, so yeah we can start with that.

You guys danced to that and by the end the boys were all watching you guys and they were all cheering by the end

Jimin: that was amazing, you sure you weren't one of those dancers he danced with?
J-hope: you might even dance better than me
Yoongi: at first I thought "J-hope it's impossible for someone to be better at dancing than you" but then I saw y/n and yeah, I agree with your statement
RM: why can't I dance
Jin: yeah I mean, I wanna learn to dance like that
Jungkook: y/n, you're really good at dancing, where'd you learn to dance
You: I kinda taught myself, I just watched A LOT of youtube videos
Jungkook: well it was perfect, wanna practice another song?
You: maybe in like an hour, I need a bit of a break, but yeah maybe we could practice Hotshot's Jelly, that's a pretty good song
Jungkook: sounds good

Jimin gave you some water and you guys played a board game and hung out

Jimin: would you wanna dance with me anytime soon?
You: of course I would, when would you want to?
Jimin: how about later today, an hour after dinner?
You: sure

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