Part 10

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You started to head down to dance with Jungkook, you guys needed five people to dance with this song, so you were able to get J-hope, Jimin, and Yoongi.

You guys danced to Hotshot Jelly and Yoongi was actually really good at dancing, you were pretty surprised. Dancing with them was so much fun and a lot more fun then dancing alone.

You still had plans to dance with Jimin later on so you didn't want to waste all your energy with the boys.

Jungkook: well y/n that was a lot of fun and I like dancing with you
J-hope: yeah, you have this energy that no one else has
Yoongi: you're a great dancer, don't ever forget that
You: thanks

You started blushing becuase no one really knows that you dance so dancing with them was the only time you've danced with someone else and it felt great, knowing there were other people who were doing something they loved to do just like you.

You went up to the library and read for a bit and when you opened up the book, you've been reading, there was a note in it saying

This is random but hi, just realize that I love you and I'll always be here for you when you need me, I'll always love you and never will I think about leaving you and I don't know when you'll read this book but yeah, if you're reading it then dang, you've read way too many books, sister!
Love, Charlotte

You started crying, it was from your best friend, before she killed herself 3 months ago...she was the reason you continued to live and she was the reason of your happiness. She never cut herself because when she died, she didn't want scars on her body, but she still killed herself.
You were left alone in your house, with the phone in your hand and your eyes red and you forgot how to breathe. You grabbed your keys and drove to her house and what you found there was nothing pretty. You ran to her door and opened it, ran to her room and found her body, you held her and cried as much as you could and never stopped. You loved her so much and you couldn't help to think of her as your sister. The day after she died, you spent the whole time in your house, crying, looking at old photos and calling her phone just so then you could hear her voice from her voice mail. You started cutting again and regretted it later on...

Jimin found you crying on the floor, and saw the note and knew what was going on, you told him about it before. He held you and didn't say anything, but you knew that him just being there was saying a million things. He traced the scars on your wrists and told you he was there and that everything was going to be ok. Tae then came in and he hugged you and didn't let go, soon after that, you realized that all the boys were there hugging you and making sure you knew they loved you and that you knew they were there with you.

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