Part 14

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You guys all got inside and tried practicing the Don't Leave Me dance but the audio wasn't working so you guys practiced best of me.

You danced with all you got and you kept up with the boys, Jimin couldn't stop watching you, knowing that you would do great with it.

J-hope: good job y/n, that was amazing
RM: yeah and thanks for helping Jin and I with the dance, we obviously aren't as experienced as you guys
You: it's no problem, I love helping you guys
Jimin: ok well now that we're done practicing, I'm going to go have dinner with my girlfriend, we're gonna go to her favorite place
You: but why? It's too expensive to go there
Jimin: nope, I'm going to treat my baby before I leave

So you got dressed in something fancy becuase you had to dress up a bit for the dinner

So you got dressed in something fancy becuase you had to dress up a bit for the dinner

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Once you were done getting ready, Jimin took your hand and led you outside to the car

Jin: stay safe~
Tae: we love you, don't leave us for too long tho
Kookie: yeah I want to spend time with her too
Hobi: don't worry we'll be able to have some time with her before we leave

You guys went out for dinner and the whole time Jimin kept looking at the door, expecting someone to come in.

You: hun, why do you keep looking at the door?
Jimin: oh its nothing, I just don't want to get lost in your eyes

You started blushing, he was always so charming and flirty with you, you were going to miss it.

Jimin: oh would you look who decided to come by

It was Yoongi and RM...?

You: hey what are you guys doing here?
RM: well y/n we have a very important question to ask you
You: is it really that important to interrupt our dinner?
Yoongi: yes it is EXTREMELY important

You looked over to Jimin and he nodded, telling you, you should listen to them

Yoongi: so y/n, we've all been thinking that maybe you should be included on tour and perform and work together with our company
You: WAIT what?!!

You looked over to Jimin and you saw in his eyes that he really wanted you to say yes

You: but what about my parents
RM: we talked about it with them and they agree on it fully and they support you
You: I don't have any money
Yoongi: the company has agreed to pay for you to come with us and work too
You: what if I'm not good enough?
Jimin: y/n, you can sing, dance, rap, and play instruments, you're perfect, beautiful, caring and so much more, we wouldn't want anyone else to be with us but're definitely good enough and we love having you around
RM: you're like family to us now, and we love you
You: I love you guys too, and I would love to work with you guys

Jimin jumped up out of his chair and ran over and hugged and kissed you, he was just as happy as you were

Yoongi and RM were happy too, you all had a group hug.

Once you got home, the boys clearly got the message and came running at you cheering, you were so excited and happy.

Jimin: so baby, we have everything packed up and ready for you and us, we have the plane tickets and the car is ready outside, are you ready?
You: did you know about all this?
Jimin: yeah, I wanted you to work with us and I honestly didn't want to leave you, you're one of the best people I have ever met, I wouldn't ever leave you
You: aw chim chim, let's not get all mushy, we gotta get in the car~~!

You were all in the car and you sat right next to Jimin and you fell alseep on his shoulder and he kissed your forehead, knowing you would be with him for years to come. You were half asleep, so you could still hear everyone.

Tae came over and talked with Jimin.

Tae: so how is it going with y/n?
Jimin: It's going great, I'm having the best time of my life with her, I'm just so happy to have her in my life
Tae: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO little Chim chim is in looooovveee~~
Jimin: can you all shut up, you'll wake up y/n
Hobi: hey you didn't say anything when the boys were saying you loved you love her?
Jimin: yeah...I really do love her already
Jin: you guys are so cute together and you guys have such a strong connection, so I'm honestly not surprised
RM: it's a pretty big step!! When do you think you're ready to tell her?
Jimin: I don't know, I'll tell her whenever I'm ready
You: why are you guys so loud!?

They areal stared at you, looking like they just messed up bad

You: oh and Jiminie?
Jimin: yeah baby girl?
You: I love you too

He looked at you and was surprised

Jimin: ok well I love you so much y/n, don't you ever forget that
You: I love you too babe

You guys snuggled the rest of the way to the airport and you've felt so much better about everything.

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