Part 11

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After the little group hug and after you were done crying, all the house hugged you one last time and went to get ready to eat dinner. Jimin stayed with you for a bit longer. You went to the instrument room and decided to play the piano for a bit before dancing with Jimin after dinner.

An hour after dinner, you met with Jimin in the dance studio and danced to Let go, a new song that the boys just came out with and it really spoke out to you at the time.

After dancing all the boys were watching Jimin and you.

J-hope: you know you guys should duet more in general, you both sound great together when singing and you both look amazing dancing together

Jungkook: yeah the chemistry is perfect

Tae: I sucked at chemistry

Yoongi: no, not that chemistry

RM: *whispers to jin* we should talk to the staff and see if y/n can tour with us and work with us right?

Jin: yes!! I was just about to ask about that, I mean she's a lot of fun too and we all love her

RM: ok then, we'll talk to all the boys about it and we'll talk to her parents and then on the last day that we're here we'll surprise her!!

You went to go take a shower and got in pajamas and lied in bed and read a book. You thought about a lot of things and started crying, reliving the moment you went to Charlotte's funeral. Jimin came into the room.

Jimin: y/n, what's wrong

You told him everything, like usual and he was there for you.

Jimin: tell me about what you guys would do and about the happy moments you had with her

You: well we always went to the mall on Fridays after work and school, I would call her Char-coal because her hair was the color of coal and she called me honeybun becuase I was as sweet as honey. She was very outgoing and she tend to live at my house, she had her own house but she was always over at mine. She even had her own clothes her after a while becuase she came here so much.

You told funny stories of what you guys did and you both started laughing so much that Yoongi and J-hope had to come in twice to tell you to shut up or they'll murder you.

You guys decided to go to sleep and get some rest.

You woke up and Jimin was already up.

You: well this is new, I'm always the one that wakes up first

Jimin: yeah, it's weird, well now that we're both up, I'm gonna get ready becuase I'm gonna take you to the mall!

You: oh ok, well that means I gotta get up too

You took a shower and put on this

You both went to Starbucks and got a Coffee and a donut for breakfast and then went to the mall

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You both went to Starbucks and got a Coffee and a donut for breakfast and then went to the mall. You've been to the mall a lot and and it was one of the biggest and you knew where everything was.

Jimin: so where should we go first?

You: let's go to Hot Topic, it's my favorite store to go to

Jimin: oh I love Hot Topic too!!

You: well then let's go then

So after your emo 13 year old hearts were happy, you went to Barnes and Noble becuase you wanted more books.

Jimin: how many books would you say is too much?

You: you can never have too many books chim chim!

Jimin: yeah but soon you'll run out of room for your books, where would they go

You: there is a floor isn't there?

Jimin: wow you never give up 😂

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