Part 6

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When you woke up the next morning it was 8 and you wanted more sleep so you slept some more.

As you guys slept some more you started to think about what you guys were and whether or not you have feelings for him, he clearly was starting to have feelings for you and you guys have gotten really close to eachother without even knowing, you knew so much about him and he knew so much about you.

Then you felt Jimin start to move around. He didn't know you were awake

Jimin: what am I going to do, Jimin you can't fall for her, but you've already fallen for her. Why is she so perfect, she can sing, dance, play instruments, she's beautiful, she has a heart of gold....Jimin why did you do this to yourself??

You turned to face him so it looked like you just got up

Jimin: OH wait are you awake
You: I am now, what are you doing?
Jimin: oh nothing just thinking about stuff
You: what kind of stuff
Jimin: you
You: well I was thinking about you too, if I'm being honest
Jimin: oh really?
You: yup, well I'm going to get up now, so go downstairs and eat a brunch since we keep sleeping in so late
Jimin: ok

You got in the shower and got dressed in

You went downstairs and ate some toast with peanut butter and then went to the theatre to watch a few movies

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You went downstairs and ate some toast with peanut butter and then went to the theatre to watch a few movies. Tae came with you.

Tae: I hope you know that Jimin really does like you a lot, he doesn't stop talking about you and to be honest I think he's gonna ask you out soon, he wants you to travel with us and that wouldn't be a bad thing, I like you, not like that but I can tell we'll be good friends
You: aww well I hope we'll be good friends too, and for Jimin, I honestly like him too, he's sweet, funny, cute-
Tae: ok well I don't need to know everything 😂 but yay!! What would you say if he asked you out?
You: to be honest, I'd say yes, he's one of the best people I've ever met

Jimin: good, so then we'll be able to go out later today?
Jimin: long enough to know that we're gonna go out on a date tonight
You: oh ok, where though?
Jimin: how about here? We can have Jin be the cook and the boys be the waiters and stuff
You: sounds great!!

You started to explode inside and Tae started messing around with you when Jimin left

Tae: I NEED YOU GI- wait I'm not a girl, haha I NEED YOU BOY

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