Chapter 20

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Adeline Santiago's POV

I am getting ready to go out. I asked Matéo what I should wear and he said that I should wear something 'elegant'

That could mean anything!

I dig through the closet and finally find something to wear.

I can feel my heart skip and a grin stretch across my lips.

It's payback time...

I slip into the dress and I do my hair and my makeup.

I think I'm ready.

I walk out of the room and down the stairs to see Matéo, in the kitchen on his phone

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I walk out of the room and down the stairs to see Matéo, in the kitchen on his phone.

He looks so good!

He looks up, when he hears me walk in.

His jaw drops and even from where I'm standing, I can see that his eyes have gotten darker.

He walks up to me and his eyes glide slowly over my body, drinking me in.

"You look amazing" he says.

His voice is deeper and makes my heart almost stop.

"Thank you" I reply, my voice a lot bolder than I had expected.

He moves closer to me and I step back until I'm up against a wall.

Even with my heels, he's taller than me still.

"What are you doing to me?" He asks.

His voice is a low whisper, his breath fanning my neck.

He bites the top of my ear gently and I bite my tongue to stop a gasp that threatens to escape.

"I can't control myself around you, amoré" he says.

His body is pressed up against mine, his arms trapping me at either side.

His smell is intoxicating.

I close my eyes until the spinning stops and then open them again.

"Do you know what I want to do to you?" He asks me.

"Tell me" I say curiously.

He chuckles softly.

"If I tell you, I won't be able to stop there" he responds and he pulls away.

"Let's go" he says, offering me his arm.

I take it and we get going.

We walk outside and are met with a limo.

"It's beautiful!" I say excitedly.

He chuckles and opens the door for me.

I sit inside and he sits next to me.

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