Chapter 11: I refuse

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/Moon's POV\
"I am not going to get out of bed today." Was my first thought when i woke up, but then i realised that someone was at the door. "Uuugh... Come in, the door's open!" I shouted to whoever was outside. "Well, that was a lot of effort." A recognisable voice said. "Gladion? What are you doing here?" I asked. And of course, i completely forgot that we were going to train again. "We're gonna train a little earlier so we can try and battle Necrozma again." He said. I groaned. "I don't feel like doing anything today." I answered. He sighed, and he started packing my bags. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Making sure you come training again." He answered. "And how were you planning to do-" My sentence was cut off when he picked me up from bed. Realising i still had my clothes on, i was a bit confused. "Question: Why do i still wear the same clothes as yesterday?" I asked Gladion. "Everyone but Hau drank last night. He just left us at the shop to get his car, and then he drove you home. Which is supposedly also the reason why i woke up in Hau's house." He said, picking up my bag and leaving my house. "Seriously. Did we all drink so much we fell asleep at the malasada shop?" I said while we were walking to the gym. "I didn't fall asleep at the shop. I fell asleep when he was driving you home." He answered, and he pushed open the door of the gym.

/Lillie's POV\
Hau and i were already training when Gladion walked into the gym with Moon in his arms. Hau gniffled. "What?" Gladion asked. "I could also ask you why you are already here. How early did you two wake up?" We stopped training for a moment to answer Gladion. I looked at the clock on the wall. "Four O' clock, i suppose." I answered. Gladion put Moon down and he looked at us with disbelief. "So how many sessions have you two had yet?" Hau stopped punching the sandbag and turned around for a moment. "I don't know. Maybe four." He answered, and he turned around to start training again. He groaned when his bandage fell off again. Gladion gniffled. He threw a bandage at Hau, who thanked him for the bandage, put it on, called Decidueye and left to the empty room where we practised karate yesterday. "I suppose that you'll help Gladion to get on the road?" He asked me. "Mhm. Good luck training." I said, and i tossed him his bag. "Thanks, princess." He left to the empty room. Moon came out of the change room, and she was a bit confused when she saw that Hau left for his next session. "Well, let's see what we can do for you two!" I said, and i laughed when Gladion picked up Moon again to go to the training room too.

/Hau's POV\
"High kick, jump and punch!" I shouted at Moon and Gladion, who were just finishing their last session. "And you tell me my training is hard." Gladion huffed. "Now who's the softie here?" I asked, jokingly, and laughed. "I think your arm is almost fully restored, too." Moon said. "Mhm. I'm all fired up. Was that your last session?" I asked. Moon and Gladion nodded. "Alright. You two go change, i'm going home to maybe play a song." I said. Lillie gniffled. "What?" I asked, confused. "Your bandage fell off again." She answered, tossing me a new one from my bag. "How many bandages can one man use? You already used like ten." I stuck out my tongue at Lillie. "Shut up, princess. I can't help it." I laughed when she gave me an annoyed look. "Stop calling me princess!" She commanded. "Try and stop me!" I shouted as i ran out the door. "HAU!" She yelled, following me through the whole gym, until i found the pull-up gear, pulled myself up and sat down on top of it. With an enjoying look on my face i looked down at Lillie. "Try and stop me!" I said again, and i laughed when she couldn't reach the pull-up. "You're annoying." She said. "And you're short." I replied. She stuck out her tongue at me. At that moment, Gladion and Moon came out of the change room. "I thought you were going to play a song at home?" Gladion asked me. "As long as she's waiting to rip me apart because i called her princess again, i'm not coming down!" I said. "The only problem is, she can't reach the pull-up." Moon laughed. "Exactly!" I replied. When i jumped down the pull-up, Lillie said: "I'm not short, you're just tall!" And she pouted, causing me to laugh. "Let's all go home to rest for the battle." Gladion said. "Mhm. Does anybody know where my shirt is though?" I asked. Moon gniffled. I looked up, and i saw Lillie sitting on the top of the pull-up, holding my shirt. I laughed. "How'r you going to stop me now?" She asked. I grinned. I pulled myself up, grabbed my shirt and jumped down. "That's how." I said, and i put on my shirt.

<Time skip>

/Gladion's POV\
"No! I am NOT going to battle Necrozma again!" Lillie shouted. "Well it seems like you'll have to! There is no sunlight or moonlight anywhere in Alola, and the only thing making us able to see right now are the street lanterns!" I shouted back. I  was lucky it was sunday, and everyone who worked at Aether had their day off. Except me and Lillie, of course. Mother lived in Kanto. "Well you can do what you want, i'm NOT going to battle!" She yelled, and she slammed the door when she walked into her room. Moon and i sighed. "What are we going to do?" Moon asked. "If she's not going to listen to us two, the only left possibility to get her to battle is Hau." I said as i grabbed my phone, and called up Hau.

/Lillie's POV\
I'm mad. Super mad. I know Necrozma needs to be stopped, but they cannot force me to battle something that hurt my friends. Twice. I pulled the covers over my head and started thinking. If we could battle it, and win, Necrozma will be kicked into our world again. The only possible way to stop the cyclus of Necrozma gathering power again whenever we beat it, one of us will have to catch it. But if we don't catch it, all this will happen again someday, but with some other people. I heard my door being opened and closed as someone walked in. "Go away." I said. A voice of steel. "No." I froze. The person talking to me wasn't planning to leave anytime soon. Hau.

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