Chapter 5: The rumors

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/Moon's POV\
We are all worried, and it seems like Hau has been training even harder lately. He doesn't seem like he's going to stop training until Ultra Necrozma has emerged in Ultra Megalopolis. Gladion has been acting like he's wanting to say something, and Lillie has been sticking around Hau lately. I'm wondering if it's actually true, I wonder if they're not making any fault or something. But what's really on my mind right now is the relation status in the group right now. Are we friends, are we best friends, are we more than friends, it's really bugging me. What if the group is never going to be the same if we would get in relations with each other? What if we are all going out of each other when one relation ends? I did sleep, but not much. I had a mixed thought of both Necrozma and our friend group: What if Necrozma killed someone?

/Gladion's POV\
I was awake the whole night. Again. "I can't live like this..." I mumbled to myself. Silvally became worried about me and he came lying with me, trying to calm me down. "Thanks buddy, but this can't be helped by only nuzzling." I said to Silvally, who still refused to get off my bed. I laughed. "Weird little pokémon." Silvally looked annoyed by hearing the word 'little' but he still refused to let me alone. "I can't live like this..." I said again. The fact that not only Necrozma comes back, but that it's our job to stop it. Again. If we want to stop it now, someone of us will probably have to catch it. That thoughts were failed chances of trying to get her out of my mind. It's not wrong that i have a crush on her, right? It's not wrong that Lillie had a crush on someone, right? It's not wrong, that if something happens now, our whole friend group will fall apart....

/Lillie's POV\
I can't. I can't simply sleep in Hau's chamber. "Why am i doing this?" I asked Hau. "Because you drank wine, it's midnight and you're not going to ride home on Charizard." He said, slightly worried. "Fine..." I sighed, and he walked out of the room. "Where are you going?" I asked. He froze. "You know very well i'm not going to sleep in my own bed when you're in it, right?" He said, jokingly. I was low-key annoyed at Hau, but it was also true what he said. "But where are you going to sleep then?" I said. I was not planning to let him be cold because i drank. He laughed "Chill, princess. I am getting a matress for myself so i'll lay on the ground." "Isn't that cold?" I asked, getting a tone of worriedness in my voice. "No-ho. It's good. You stay there." I didn't really believe him.

/Hau's POV\
I sighed as i got a matress. "Why am i like this?" I asked Raichu. Raichu patted my back, which he always does when i'm feeling down. I smiled at Raichu. "Thanks, buddy." And i gave him a pokebean. I heard a knock on the door. "Gladion?" I asked surprised, when Gladion was standing in the door. "I couldn't sleep, and i knew Lillie was here, too." He gave me a death stare. "Gladion, she had wine. I am NOT planning to bring her home at midnight and i'm NOT letting her fly on Charizard alone." Gladion's death stare faded. He sighed. "Alright. But don't expect me to-" his sentence was cut off by another knock on the door. "Moon?!" Gladion and i both said. "Yes, it's Moon. Who would you think?" She asked sarcastically. "I don't know... Santa Claus?" I said, and we all laughed. "Why are you here?" I asked. "Lillie texted me." Moon replied. "She said she was here." They both gave me a death stare. "What?" I asked, confused. "Are you sleeping in one bed with Lillie?" They both asked, Gladion still death staring me. "Excuse me?" I asked. "Why would i do that?" Moon grinned and i became red. "If you want answer, no. Of course not." I answered, Moon gniffling and Gladion still death staring me. "Come in, then. I'm going out in a few mins, so don't expect me to be at home." I said. "My room is up there." I pointed at a door. "Or.. you could just follow me. I need to grab my guitar, after all." Moon squealed. "What is-" Gladion began his sentence. "Shut up and listen. There have been rumors that Hau comes out of his house once a while, at night, and plays a song at the shore. No one knows exactly what that song is, and i'm gonna follow him tonight to see which one." Gladion was kinda shocked. "I'm telling Lillie."

/Lillie's POV\
"So you're telling me that he's at the beach right now?" I asked, with a tone of disbelief in my voice. "Apparently." Gladion replied. He got a poke in his ribs right after. "Ouch! That hurt!" Whe all became silent immediatly when we heared Hau come home. "Why can't i just tell?" We heard him say. From the sound on the stairs we could hear the sound of a guitar, which got accidentally dropped. Moon squealed. We all stared at Moon in disbelief. The rumors were true. Hau plays a certain song in the middle of the night, at the beach. The hall became silent. Apparently, Hau heard Moon's squealing. He walked up the stairs, everyone got to sleep and at the time Hau came into his room, everyone was in their beds, falling asleep. Hau smiled at those cute faces, hung his guitar on the wall and got to sleep too.

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