Chapter 13: Soul

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/Lillie's POV\
I woke up in Hau's arms. And that's okay in my opinion. "Did you sleep well?" A soft voice from behind me asked me. I turned around to face a smiling Hau. "I slept well, thanks." I answered. "A princess indeed." He laughed, and he gave me a little crown. I blushed. "Thanks Hau." I said, and i got out of bed. We both facepalmed when we realised a problem. "How am i gonna get out of Aether without your brother stabbing me?" He asked. "I have no idea. And also, he'll find out eventually so be prepared for some stabs" i replied, and we both began to laugh. "Gimme my jacket princess." He said, grinning when I blushed. "I gotta get out of-" A knock on the door. "WE'RE GONNA DIE!" We both said at the same time, and we laughed when Gladion came in with a grumpy face. "Hau get out of here." We both froze. "Do you have a knife with you? If yes, i'm running away." Hau said. Gladion rolled his eyes. "Just come, okay." Gladion said, and Hau followed him. Moon gniffled. "We saw what you did there, Lillie." I facepalmed. "How many levels of exposure are there?" I asked her with a bright red face. "I don't know, but i'm pretty sure you hit a new world record girl." Moon replied, and we laughed.

/Gladion's POV\
"What's wrong?" Hau asked, both blushing and worried. "First off, I saw what you did there" His face became an even darker shade of red. "Permission granted." I said. He looked confused. "Permission for what?" "To date my sister." I answered him, and he smiled. "Really?!" He said. "Yes, really. But only if you won't call me brother." He gniffled. "I wasn't even planning." "I have more news." I said and he immediatly stopped gniffling. "What is it?" He asked, both confused and a bit worried. "Guzma may know the perfect man to help us to defeat Necrozma. Today, we're gonna find that guy." I answered, and the girls came out of their shelter. "AAAAH GLADION AETHER." Moon yelled. "DID YOU REALLY JUST GIVE HAU PERMISSION TO DATE LILLIE?!" I gniffled. "Yes i did. But now we gotta see Guzma or we'll be too late" The girls looked confused. "Too late for what?" "To see the guy who's gonna help us defeat Necrozma."

<Time skip>

"Ey yo Gladion, you've come at least." Guzma said, and i made a straight face. "Just introduce us old man, don't waste time." Guzma gniffled. "Anti-edgelord. Wait a sec." Guzma turned around, and shouted; "EY SOUL, GET YO ASS OVER HERE." We looked at him with a grumpy face. "I don't see any people, Guzma." Hau said. Guzma sighed annoyed. "Just wait a sec my dude. He's not what you'd expect him to be." "What would you mean by tha-" Our sentence was broken by a low, dark voice from behind us. "Whatchu need old man. I told ya that i'd be training." We turned around to see a trainer with a sword on his back and Zoroark-looking hair, followed by a real Zoroark. I gulped. "I thought I saw everything but this is ridiculous." He said and he received a glare from the trainer. "Soul, these guys need ya help." Guzma said. "They can't beat Necrozma and since you two are Dark types, I thought with your help they'd beat it easily."
"You two?!" All of us asked at once. "Yeah, the guy's half a Zoroark so he'd help ya." Guzma said. I gasped. "Are you Sideproject Outbreak Uncontrollable Lifeform?" He asked. The trainer made a disgusted face. "Call me Soul. I don't like my experiment name." Lillie, Moon and Hau looked at me like i was a monster. "You knew about him?!" Lillie asked. I sighed, annoyed. "Call him Type: Full. I present you the original beast-killer." Soul made an annoyed face. "I'm at the tip of punching someone." He said. "But you were a Zorua at first?" I asked. Lillie poked me in my ribs. "Don't stimulate the anger. I don't think this is a guy we'd want problems with." She said, and I gave her a i'll kill you-look. "I don't believe the guy. Even though he looks like his Zoroark, i don't believe it." Moon said. "I'll give you proof." Soul said, and he disappeared. Disappeared. "What the WHAT?" Hau said. "I'm still here. It's called illusion." Soul said, and appeared behind us. Well, a Zoroark appeared behind us. "Wait.. if the Zoroark's here, then who is that Zoroark there?" Moon pointed at both, and the Zoroark before us started to laugh uncontrollably, and transformed into Soul. "O-Okay, I believe it." Lillie said, and she buried herself in Hau's arms, terrified. Soul fist-bumped Guzma. "As i said, he's not what you'd expect him to be." Guzma laughed. Mallow came storming to us. "SOUUUUUL! DID YOU BEAT MY HIGHSCORE AGAIN?!" Mallow said, and Soul laughed. "Give in, Mallow-girl. I'm better then you." Mallow pouted. "Never! I'm gonna beat you again!" She said. We were all confused. "What the what is happenings here?! Did you become friends with a monster?!" I asked Mallow. She gniffled. "HECK yes. You guys should come play a game with us sometime." She answered, and everyone but me gave a thumbs-up. Lillie poked me. "Why do you poke me? Mallow is friends with a monster!" Lillie gave me an i'll kill you-look. Soul fakely pouted. "I'm not a monster, i'm just unique!" And Guzma, Mallow and Soul began laughing uncontrallably. "I don't mind. How about we come game with them tommorow evening?" Hau asked. "Fiiiine. But don't expect me to parcipitate." I replied. Moon and Lillie immediatly said yes. "Okay, then we'll see y'all tommorow evening at Mallow's place, okay?" Soul asked us. "See ya peeps later! Imma go back to Po Town." Guzma said, and he high-fived Soul. "See ya later, old man." Soul said. "So, Soul, how did you become friends with Mallow?" Moon said, and she probably saw a couple instead of two friends. "She was the first trainer I battled when I came to Alola, we were only seven." Soul answered, and Mallow pouted fakely. "I'll win from you one day! Using your illusion to be allowed to battle with your Zoroark is not fair. Also, i'm going home to beat your score. Bye guys!" She said, and she high-fived us all, and gave Soul a hug. "See ya later, Mallow-girl." Soul said. "So, you guys need help with that Necrozma, huh. I guess i'll help ya. But ONLY if you come gaming with me and Mallow tommorow." "Fine. But if you'll even try to challenge me to a battle, Silvally and i will crush you." Soul fakely gasped. "Oh no! Now i'm gonna lose." He said, and laughed. "I'm going training. See ya later, peeps." He walked away, and i wasn't impressed. "Was this really a good idea?" I asked my friends. "It was. And even if it wasn't, i want to see if Mallow and Soul become a couple." Moon replied, and Hau and Lillie agreed. "Well, fine. But don't forget to focus on Necrozma." I answered, and Hau groaned. "The edgelord is still within him." He said, and we all laughed and got home.

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