Chapter 8: Awakened

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/Lillie's POV\
"What have I done!" I yelled when we heard Hau should be asleep for two days to a week. "I almost MURDERED Hau because i was too emotional!" Gladion and Moon looked very panicked and were looking at each other and back. "It's not your fault." Moon said. "It is. If i could just STOP being so emotional, and start speaking up for myself, Hau would not be in hospital." I said, tearing up as Hau's Raichu patted my back and Decidueye was in Hau's hospital room. "I'm going to stay in the hospital room until he awakes." I said, not paying attention to Gladion protesting against that idea. "You're going to starve if you stay there for almost a week!" He protested, trying to keep me away from the room. "Let go of my arm." I simply said, death staring him with tears in my eyes. To my surprise, Gladion let go, he looked rather shocked. He sighed. "Fine. I'll bring you food everyday." Moon looked like she was going to hug me to pieces. "Are you sure?" She said. I never liked the sight of my friends like this. But I was prepared to face that if I needed to protect one more. "I'm sure." I said. Moon started to cry softly and hugged me, just as tight as when I left for Kanto. "I'm sure he'll be okay." Moon said, before letting go so i could go to the hospital room. "Thanks, guys." I said, when I pushed open the door to the hospital room.

/Gladion's POV\
"What is going on with Lillie?" I asked Moon, who gave me a stare full of disbelief. "Don't you understand?" Moon asked. I felt like I was going to die under that stare. "Understand what?" I asked, confused, but a bit ashamed too. "Gladion. They love each other. That's what you should understand, too." I was dying under the stare she gave me. I felt really ashamed that i didn't try to stop her from feeling like that. "I understand. After all, I love someone." I said. She began stuttering. "I-i, uh..." It was annoying and cute at once. "Can you stop stuttering?" I asked, both annoyed and melting. "N-No, I can't.." she stuttered. I sighed. "I'm gonna make you stop stuttering." I said. I walked up to her, and she lookedat me as i grabbed her wrist. "What-" her sentence was cut of when i silenced her. With a kiss.

/Moon's POV\
Never have i been so happy in my life. I was really shocked at first, but i was happy that he did it, too. So I eventually melted. "Gladion..." I began, as he pulled away. We were both bright red. All I wanted, all I needed, was that. "Thank you." I said. My heart stopped pumping for a minute when he smiled. He smiled. And I have never seen him so happy. "I guess I finally did it." He replied to the expression on my face when seeing his smile. He gniffled. "You really like my smile, don't you?" He asked jokingly. "S-shut up." I became red, causing him to laugh. I awoke from my dream when we heard Lillie crying from within the room. She sat on the bed, with all of Hau's pokèmon trying to comfort her. I decided i was going in to help her. "That's right. I have business to do, i'll come back here later." He said. "Okay. Bye!" I said, and i  waved as he walked away. I took a deep breath, and walked into the room. "Lillie, it's gonna be alright." I said, trying to calm her down. Decidueye looked at me as if he needed help with this situation. I understood that he didn't have any idea how to calm Lillie down. "I hope." Lillie said. When she turned around and looked at me, i immediatly understood why Hau and Gladion found it a pain on the heart to see her crying. I hugged Lillie, and she began to cry in my shoulder uncontrollably. "He will be alright. Hau wouldn't give up that fast." I whispered to Lillie. "I hope you're right." She whispered back.

<time skip: five days later>

/Hau's POV\
Where was i? I thought by myself as my eyes opened up a bit. It seemed like Aether. How did i come here, why did my arm hurt so much, and most importantly, Why were Lillie and Moon crying? That were the first questions that came up my mind when I slowly woke up. I didn't open my eyes fully, it seemed physically impossible to even move. So i stared in bed, when my memories slowly came back. Necrozma, the Night Slash, and the unbearable pain when it slashed my arm. Lillie and Moon left the room. "Tommorow, i'm coming back here.." I heard Lillie say right before she left with Moon. I tried to push myself up to see what day it was. I held back a yell when my arm felt like it has been cut with a Scyther's blades. I fell down on the pillow. With incredible pain, I managed to see the date of the month on the calendar. It was the fourth of April. Wait, what? The fourth of April? I could've sworn it was the thirty of March when we battled Necrozma... "Oh my Arceus... have i been asleep for five days?!" I whispered to myself. Seemed like it. I decided to go to sleep again and see if I felt better tomorrow.

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