Chapter 9: Relief

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/Hau's POV\
I awakened again, this time i just slept normally. Lillie must've been here very early. She was already in the room, at the edge of my bed, crying again. I felt really guilty. She must've been kinda traumatised. But man, it felt better to have myself get hurt rather than her. If i could, i would've played one of my songs for her. But my guitar wasn't here. my arm felt a little better, but moving it still felt like there were thousands of fireworks flying through my arm. The wound will probably leave a scar, I thought by myself. I would probably never mind. Scars like that only let other people see what you did for your friends, and for love, and if other people judge that i would probably never listen. I did it for Moon, for Gladion, Decidueye, and most importantly, for Lillie. No one could tell me otherwise. I sighed and froze instantly, knowing that that sounded kinda suspicious for Lillie. I turned around in my bed so she wouldn't get shocked that hard. But when she started crying softly again, i simply couldn't take it anymore. I crawlde over the bed, as quiet as possible, even thought it hurted like hell. I sat down behind her and hugged her. "Don't cry, princess." I said softly.

/Lillie's POV\
I froze. There was only one person who called me that. I started crying again, unable to believe that it was actually Hau. He sighed, and turned me around so I faced him. "I said don't cry. Please." Hau said with a pained face, partly because of his arm, partly because i cried like that. "Are you alright?" He asked, worried. "Why do you ask me that? Your arm got slashed by Necrozma! I should be the one asking you if you are alright." I replied. "I-I'm sorry. I was just very worried about you. But you are alright, just as you told me." I said softly. "And you're alright too, happily." He said, and I was kinda shocked. Hau was almost the only person that could get hurt so bad that he almost couldn't move, and then worry about other people. I realised that we would all do that for each other. But we didn't all get hurt. The memory of us all being worried, extremily exhaused or hurt send me into tears again. "Oh, Lillie." Hau said softly, closing me in a hug. I hugged back like he was the only thing that could save me now. I was extremily relieved that he was okay. When i pulled away he smiled, and i realised that he was still bleeding. "Are you really okay?" I asked. He nodded, not saying anything. He grabbed my head with two hands, and he pressed a kiss on my forehead. "It still hurts, but it'll all be the same, you'll see." He said. At that moment, Moon and Gladion came storming into the room. "Hau!" They both shouted.

/Moon's POV\
"You're awake! I really thought you would stay asleep for one or two more days, but i'm relieved to see that you're awake already!" I told him. Lillie was still buried in Hau's chest. Gladion didn't mind. "Yeah! We were really scared to see you like that! Are you okay?" Gladion asked. Hau laughed when everyone looked at him like he was the president of America. "I'm okay, alright, but my arm is still bleeding." He pointed at his arm, letting go of Lillie for a moment. The bandage was almost soaked with blood. Gladion realised two things at that point; Lillie had curled herself up in Hau's chest, and the bandage needed to be switched as fast as possible. He decided to let Lillie be and helped Hau switching the bandage for a clean one. "Thanks, Gladion." Hau said, even though he clearly had pain. Lillie moved a bit; it looked like she was asleep. "I guess Lillie will sleep here tonight?" I said, gniffling. I received a death stare from Gladion immediatly, but Hau replied: "Probably. I don't have the heart to wake her up." Gladion panicked, but eventually gave in. "Alright, but if you try anythi-" His sentence was cut off by receiving a confused look from Hau, and a sarcastic one from me. "Alright, I trust him. You happy now?" Gladion asked me. "Just a question; try what?" Hau asked, still with a confused look on his face. I gniffled. "See, Gladion? He doesn't even know what you mean by that." Gladion sighed. "You're probably right. Goodnight everyone." He said, and he walked out the door. "Yeah, goodnight." I said, and i took Charizard to come back home; relieved from a bit off the stress.

/Hau's POV\
I sighed. Great. I had a sleeping girl on my lap, an incredibly hurting arm and i needed to find a way to get back in my bed without fainting from pain, and without waking Lillie. "Yeesh, How am i going to do this?" I asked myself. I eventually found a way, but it seemed to wake Lillie, since when i layed down, she was staring at me with a thankful look in her eyes. And oh my Arceus, my heart skipped a beat when she smiled and said: "Thank you, Hau." "Thank you for what?" I whispered. "For still being alive." She said, and she buried herself in my chest again. After a while, when I was sure she was asleep, I smiled and got to sleep too.

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