Chapter 14: Game night

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/Hau's POV\
"Oh, come on, grumpy. It's gonna be fun!" I told Gladion when he kept questioning if this was a good idea. "I'm just curious." He replied, and I made an annoyed face. "Why are you always crushing the fun? He can't be as bad as you expect him to be." Gladion started to get a bit annoyed at me, so he just gave me a reason to shut up. "If you want to know, he's the original beast-killer, was created without feelings and to destroy, and i'm questioning if he can even normally fit in in the outside world." I raised my hands in defeat and shut up for once. "Guys! Are y'all done arguing yet?!" Moon asked us. "It's almost time to go! We can't leave them hanging like this!" She pouted. "Are we REALLY going to do this?" Gladion asked, probably still hesitating to go. "YES WE'RE GONNA!" We all said at once, and we pulled him out the door.

/Moon's POV\
I laughed when we all pulled Gladion out the door, because he made the edgiest face i've probably ever seen him make. "This is a bad idea." Gladion said, for the eight time this evening. "It's not! We're gonna have fun! Just go with it for once!" I told him and I jumped onto his back. "ARGGGH! MOON!" He said and he stopped walking for a moment. "Are you really expecting me to carry you all the way over to Mallow?" "Yep!" "I'm gonna drop you." "You better not." We heard gniffling over to our left side and saw Hau and Lillie taking pictures of us. We both blushed bright red. "Delete those!" We both said at once, and their gniffling turned into laughing. "That's a great big nope for you, brother! I'm gonna keep this one!" "LILLIE!!" Gladion said and he put Moon down and started chasing after the still laughing Lillie. "Help me, mister Kahuna!" Lillie laughed at Hau and jumped onto his back. "Here we go princess!" Hau said and he ran off to Mallow's house, carrying Lillie on his back. Gladion huffed and stopped running. "Not enough condition?" I asked him, gniffling a bit. "Shut up." He said and he picked me up and ran after Lillie and Hau.

/Hau's POV\
"For the last time, i'm NOT a princess!" Lillie laughed when we arrived at Mallow's house. "Oh yes you are. Try and stop me." I gniffled and put her down. "I don't think there is any possible way om earth to stop you from calling me that, so I won't even try." She replied sarcastically and we both bursted out laughing when we saw Gladion running after us, carrying Moon. Before I could take out my phone to take another picture, I received a glare from them both and raised my hands in defeat. I knocked on the door and Mallow opened up, having a Zoroark standing by her side which sniffend us curiously. "You own a Zoroark?" Gladion asked. It was clear that he completely forgot about Soul. Mallow laughed. "Of course not, dummy! This is Soul's Zoroark. It's called Zorro." She pet the Zoroark and it immediatly seemed to become less curious of us. Gladion seemed to make a straight face when he remembered the guy from yesterday. "Oh right. Forgot about it for a second." He said and he crouched down by the Zoroark, which started curiously sniffing him. "Zorro, huh? Is it's trainer already here too?" I asked Mallow, and she nodded. "I think you'll be needed to get used to startling" "What do you mean by that?" We were all curiously looking around at that point, but the only thing in near sight was a Trumbeak. "I'm pretty sure she's just messing around with us guys." Moon said, even though she looked a bit curious too. The Trumbeak flew near to us and suddenly, it transformed into the dark, calm figure we saw yesterday too. "Boo." Soul said, with the same calm and deep voice as yesterday. He grinned when we all jumped a little. "Like I said, get used to startling." Mallow gniffled. Zorro jumped up happily and hugged its trainer. "Did I startle y'all?" Soul asked us, smirking a bit. "Quite a bit, 24. Calm down on that" Gladion shot back at him and took a small step back when Soul threw him a glare. "24...? What?" I asked, looking at Soul and back at Gladion. "Not important now. Let's go inside." Gladion said. His voice sounded rather nervous. "That sounds like a VERY good idea" Lillie commented, attempting to stop arguing about what her brother just called Soul. "Yeah. Good idea. I have snaaaacks!" Mallow said and I was immediatly interested. "Do you also have malasadas?" I asked her and Moon and Lillie started to gniffle silently. "Yep! I have malasadas!" She said. "Yep, the point is set, let's go in!" I said and I followed after Mallow, and I was followed by the gniffling Lillie and Moon, and the two still glaring Gladion and Soul. "What game are we going to play?" I asked and Mallow became competitieve immediatly. "Mario kart! I still need to beat this guy here." She poked Soul in his ribs. "As if you'll ever win from me." "WATCH ME!" She said and turned on the tv and put in the game Mario kart. She then gave everyone a controller. "Get ready! Cuz i'm gonna win!" Mallow presented us and Soul muffled a laugh. "We'll see."

<time skip>

"Won. Again." Soul grinned after he finished first again. "HOW?? TEACH MEEEEEE!" Everyone laughed when Mallow started to tell him to teach her how to race like that. "Shush. I'm not even planning to tell you how." "Meanie." He stayed calm, but it seemed to move from calm to curious. "What's going o-" Gladion asked when he saw the expression on Soul's face. "Speak one damn word and i'll blame you when something happens." Gladion gulped and stopped talking. Outside the window we could see lights moving. "Goddammit..." Soul whispered when he saw the lights too. Zorro blended with its surroundings and Soul somehow managed to transform into Bounsweet. A light shined through the window and looked through the room, but seeing nothing suspicious made the strangers go away. We heard Zorro, Soul and Mallow sigh in relief and the two experiments took their normal form again. "WHAT was THAT?!" We all asked at once. Instead of seeing a small grin, because we expected this to be a joke, their expression didn't change. "That's my problem. Nothing y'all have to worry about." "But we still want to know!" Moon kept on asking him to tell us what that was until he decided to tell us. "Fine. It was team Plasma. They're after me. Enough info?" Sensing a tone of anger in his voice, Moon decided it was a good moment to back off. Gladion looked something up in Aether's database and showed it to us. "Experiment 24. Sideproject Outbreak Uncontrollable Lifeform. Requested by Ghetsis to help team Plasma. Actual origins; unknown....? What the duck?" Lillie said when she read the chapter out loud. "Read it out further." Gladion said, completely aware of the glare we all received. "This creature has been known in every organisation that experiments on living beings. It is known for its ability to transform and the excellent use of the sword it carries. It can use various moves a Zoroark can also learn. A weird kind of crystal helps it to defeat anything that comes on its path. The crystals have been pressed into orbs, which he injects with various kinds of energy. Actual family: Unknown... Source of power: Unknown... What is this?!" I said, taking a small step back from Soul when I read the next sentence: "It is extremily dangerous and could attack at any moment. Its senses are much stranger then those of an ordinairy pokémon or human, which makes it almost impossible to defeat..." I stopped reading and turned slightly pale when I received a glare from Soul. It almost seemed like.. his eyes were glowing red. The red color dissapeared but the glare stayed, making everyone take a step back. "I told y'all this wasn't the best idea." Gladion commented. He seemed like the only person who didn't take a step back but shot a glare back. It... wait, what should I say? It? Him? I'll stay with it since my thought at that moment was: this creature is NOT human. It growled at us, sending shivers down everyone's spine. "Great. F*cking great. Leave my stuff how it is, okay?! I don't like hearing that." It said and it played with a little orb. Another step back. "I will stop showing this to everyone if you give in and tell us you're a monster." Gladion said, and he got smacked on the back of his head by Moon, Lillie and Mallow. "I know what I am, thanks. I don't have to say it out loud for everyone to see what i am." Its voice returned calm and we noticed the time. "Hey, uh, is it alright if we crash here tonight? It's getting really late now." I asked Mallow and she nodded. "Of course!" Gladion huffed. "Is that thing staying here too?" He asked. "Wow, rude. You could've also just ask me to sleep outside you know." Soul said and it walked out. Zorro stayed inside. I petted the pokémon and it happily moved its ears when I did so. "Okay, Gladion, that was just plain rude." "Do I look like I give a damn? I'm not sleeping in the same room as that creature." Lillie huffed. "Still, it's rude what you did." She told him and he made an annoyed groan. "I don't give a damn. Goodnight." He said and he turned around and went to sleep. We did the same.

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