Chapter 3: The talent show

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/Hau's POV\
"Guys! Guys!" I came running to them. "Hey Hau! What's up?" Lillie asked. "I have good news and bad news." I aswered. Lillie and Moon of course wanted to hear the good news first, but Gladion cut of their sentence. "Start with the bad news." Moon mumbled "Grumpy." I gniffled. "Okay, the bad news first then. The bad news is that the strange signals from within the Ultra Wormhole are most likely from Necrozma, but they're still not sure. If the chances keep growing like this, we might need to fight it again." Lillie, Gladion and Moon were shocked. "No way! That is terrible! What if it tries to fuse with Lunala again?" Moon replied, still in shock. "I don't know. But don't worry about that, because the good news is really really fun!" That cheered up the rest a little. "So what is it?" They all asked. "Well, there is a Talent Show in Hau'oli city, and everyone can join!" I said, cheerfully. Everyone looked at me like I was an idiot. "Really? What were you planning to do?" Lillie asked. "Play guitar!" I replied. Everyone looked at me with the same shock as when I told them about Necrozma. "What?" I asked, confused. "Do you play guitar?!" Gladion asked. "And piano! I like music." Everyone stared at me, and I couldn't help but laugh. "Why do you guys look at me like that?" "Since when do you play guitar?" Moon asked. "Since, well, ever since i got Rowlet!" I said, smiling proudly. "I don't believe you." Gladion snarled. "Well, I have three guitars and a piano at home, if you need proof!" I smiled when everyone nodded. "Let's go, then!"

/Lillie's POV\
"Do you believe him?" I asked Moon, who was still a bit shocked. "Well, not completely, but i'd like to see if it is true. If you listen to Gladion's and Hau's conversation, you'd hear he even writes his own songs!" "Really?!" I was curious, but i tried listening to their conversation. "No you don't." Gladion snarled. "You cannot tell me you play guitar, piano and write your own songs!" "Well, i'm telling you now." Hau said jokingly. "Well, let's first see if it's even true." Gladion mumbled, a tone of disbelief in his voice. When we later arrived at Hau's house, the house where Hala lived, we walked in. "Actually, Where is your room?" Moon asked. "You'll see soon enough." Hau replied, cheerfully. We walked up the stairs and opened a door. Our jaws almost dropped to the floor. It was a huge room, with nothing less than THREE guitars hanging on the wall. "So, where is the piano?" Gladion asked, trying to hide his impressed expression. "Haven't you looked in the corners of the room?" Hau asked, and he pointed to the corner of his room. In that corner there was a huge piano. "And your self-written songs?" We all asked. Hau said nothing, he just opened a drawer in his desk, revealing a massive collection of papers with songs on it. "Holy Arceus, How many songs have you written?!" Gladion and Moon asked. I was rather silent. "It are around fourty songs." Hau replied. Gladion and Moon looked at me. "How come you aren't impressed?" Hau gniffled. "Now you have to tell them, princess!" I was rather annoyed at Hau for calling me that again. "First point, stop calling me that! Second point, I already knew he played guitar, I just acted like I was impressed." I replied. Moon looked impressed and amuses at once. "Let me make points like that too: First point, Why does he call you princess? And second point, How long did you know?!" Moon said. "Which one should I answer first?" I asked, annoyed at Moon. "The first one. Now." Gladion said. "Protective brother mode" Moon whispered. Hau gniffled. "Well, ever since we ended our journey he started calling me princess. Just because i was predicted to be president first!" I said, death staring Hau. It only seemed to encourage him even more. "And the second point?" Moon asked. "The second point was that i found out he played guitar when he was surfing with Raichu, he hung it on a tree branch and when I came by and asked whose guitar it was, he shouted 'mine!' And jumped of his board. He also thinks i'm good at singing." I replied. Hau smiled. "You are." He said. Moon looked confused. "You sang with him while he played guitar or something?" "Exactly." Hau said.

/Moon's POV\
"Holy Arceus! I didn't expect that!" I poked Hau in his chest. "Why didn't you tell us?" I pouted, causing him to gniffle. "If i did, Gladion would probably kill me." I laughed. "According to his face, he's still gonna kill you!" I looked at Gladion, who sat on Hau's bed and looked like he was going to stab someone. "Oh my Arceus, you're right!" Everyone but Gladion laughed. "If you two sing together, why don't you join the competition together?" He simply asked. "Only if you promise you won't kill either me or Hau." Lillie said, jokingly. "Promised." Gladion said. "What song are you two going to sing?" Lillie and Hau looked at each other and then looked back at me. "What song do you suggest?" Hau said, sarcastically. "I dunno. What about-" I digged through his songs, until I found one with a title that made me gniffle for a moment. "What did you find?" Hau asked. I showed him the song i found. Hau blushed. "You are not supposed to see that one!" He said, laughing. "I'm gonna chase you through whole Iki Town if you don't give that back right now!" I grinned. "Well, good luck then!" I said, and ran out the door. "MOOOOOON!" Hau yelled. Gladion and Lillie both started to laugh as they saw us running through Iki Town.

/Gladion's POV\
When Hau and Moon finally returned, Lillie and i were laughing like crazy. "Oh my Arceus, that was SO funny!" Lillie said. "No it was not!" Hau said, fakely annoyed, but also death staring Moon, who was still laughing like crazy. "Holy Arceus, Hau, i never thought you could write a song like that!" She said, still laughing. "Yeah, what was the song about?" Lillie and I asked. Hau blushed. "You are NOT supposed to know that." He said, putting the song back into the drawer. "But what song are you two going to sing again?" Moon and i asked. Lillie and Hau looked at each other again and began talking for a minute, discussing the song they were going to sing. "So?" I asked, still waiting. They looked back at us. " 'I know what you did last summer' Is what we're going to sing." Moon gniffled and asked: "Why that song? What did you two do last summer?" Hau shot a death stare at Moon. "Nothing, it's because it's played on guitar and because it is a duet between a boy and a girl." Hau said, annoyed. "Mhm, of course." Now everyone was death staring at Moon. "What?!" Moon said, fakely surprised. And we all started to laugh. "Have you two played that song before?" I asked. Hau nodded. "Of course we did. When it was published it was my favourite song, so we started singing it together." Lillie agreed. "Hmm. Sing it once." Hau and Lillie looked at each other and said: "Okay, why not?" Hau grabbed one of the guitars on the wall and they sat on the bed as Hau began to play and Lillie began to sing. My and Moon's jaws dropped to the floor. They sounded like popstars together. When they were done, they saw the expression on our faces and awkwardly looked at each other and back. "OH MY GOD LILLIE!" Moon yelled. "HOW CAN YOU SING LIKE THAT?!" Lillie laughed at her friend. "I had a teacher." And she smiled at Hau, who smiled back. "And you learned playing guitar from your grandpa?" I asked Hau. He softly swore. "Yes." He replied. "Oh, right, i'm sorry." I said. "No, it's okay. I did learn it from him though. I learned the piano myself." "Let's go to the Talent Show! We're almost too late!" Lillie said. "Oh, you're right! Let's go!"

<time skip>

"That was amazing!" Moon and i almost said exactly at the same time. "You should do that much more!" "Isn't three times a week enough?" Hau and Lillie replied. I was shocked and happy at the same time. "So that's why you sneak out three nights a week!" I laughed. Moon squealed. "This is so cute!" Hau and Lillie blushed. "No, it's no-" Hau's sentence was cut of by a phone call. "Gimme a sec guys. I'll be right back." He said as he picks up the phone and walked away. When he returned, he had a worried look on his face. "What?" We all asked, worried. "It was the Ultra Recon. They're sure. Necrozma has gathered power again."

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