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Minji's POV:

"Alright, first order of business is to find your true powers," Yoongi points to me while sitting upon a rock.

Although I'm still shivering beneath my blanket I can't help but focus on his wings. They're absolutely beautiful, but not in a Guardian Angel sort of way of course.

They barely look evil, with their fullness that can be trusted to fly and protect. Each feather is as dark as night except for a select few that are dark red in color. In a way, they almost resemble butterfly wings, only feathered.


"U-uh Yes?" I snap out of it, watching his wings disappear into thin air.

Yoongi rolls his eyes, a small smirk showing on his lips, "try to stop this," He throws a ball of roaring fire my way, my eyes widening with surprise and fear.

"AHHHHH!" I scream at the top of my lungs, throwing myself to one side to avoid having my head burned off.

"Hyung! Are you crazy?!" Jimin shouts angrily.

Yoongi grunts, "I was seeing if a dangerous situation would help her to do a little magic,"

"That was so uncalled for!" I scowl at him while brushing the sand off me.

"My turn!" Jungkook suddenly exclaims, anxiety threatening to take over my body.

"How about no ones turn," I say, almost instantly regretting talking back when a smirk appears on Jungkook's face.

I look into his eyes, watching them turn from a warm shade of brown to completely black. He breaks eye contact with me just to look at my arm, instant pain erupting from that exact spot.

My breath hitches in my throat, making it impossible for me to scream when a huge crunch becomes evident. I can't even feel the tears running down my cheeks since I'm too occupied with the reality that he just broke my arm with his eyes.

I cower into myself, trying my best to call out for help but nothing comes out of my mouth.

"What the fück," is all I'm able to say without completely passing out as the pain becomes unbearable.

"Jungkook! Stop!" I hear someone yell, the pain subsiding for just a moment.

I look at my arm, vomit threatening to escape my mouth when all's that can be seen is my hand twisted the absolute wrong way. Once I've realized this I scream out in a mixture of sobs and pain stricken screams.

"I only did it because Jin Hyung can heal her," Jungkook sighs, not even phased by the amount of pain he's put me in.

I try to look for Jin but my vision is constantly fading in and out. At one point my body collapses until I feel the hand of somebody on my arm, the pain slowly fading away.

"You're welcome," Jin mumbles, walking away from me.

I blink, staring up at the stars. If they wouldn't have had Jin, I'm almost positive I would be dead. Not just because Jungkook broke my arm, but because there's only so much pain a person can handle.

It wasn't just my arm that was in pain, it was my entire body.

"V, you should try," I hear Yoongi say.

I instantly sit straight up, snapping my head in his direction. My eyes widen fearfully as I attempt to catch my breath, subconsciously scooting further away in the sand.

V sends me an innocent looking smile as he holds out his hands. I watch as dark, black, cloud looking fog fall from his palms and to the ground, snaking towards me.

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