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"Minji, now dont you ever, ever, go near those 7 boys. Don't even acknowledge-"

"Dad! I get it! Please stop telling me the same thing every single day!" I snap, grabbing my backpack off the wall.

"Wait," He abruptly grabs my arm, "I need to make sure that you understand,"

"I understand! Just stop, I don't need to be told the same thing over and over again to understand. I'm 16 years old!" I turn back to him and yank my arm from his grasp.

I've never had the best relationship with my father. I blame it on the lack of information he cares to tell me about. Ever since I was little he's told me every morning and night to never interact with these so-called "7 boys".

At first I thought he was talking complete nonsense because I'd never seen the mysterious group. It wasn't until last year that they actually started to show up. That's when I forced some answers out of my father.

He told me that my great grandfather made a deal with an awful person resulting in the loss of 7 souls. These 7 souls then came back to haunt our family as fallen angels, only visible to our eyes due to our DNA.

I just think it's a bunch of bull.

Although, I do find it eery that it's true that no one else can see them... I've tested it before. So out of precaution I ignore them. Sometimes I think I'm just seeing things as a result of my father drilling the idea into my brain for years.

"Have a great day!" He shouts after me as I storm out of the house. How can he be so cool headed after being so ridiculous? It's obvious that he's a nutcase.

"Oooo she looks mad today," A voice catches my attention. It looks like it belongs to the boy whom they call V, but I'm honestly not completely sure of their names.

"Probably forgot her breakfast," Another laughs who I think is Namjoon. He also has a strange nickname... RM was it? I really can't be bothered to wonder why he's called that.

I continue ahead, taking a quick look at the sky. It's looking awful cloudy... I swear if it starts raining before I get to school I will literally die.

"Soooo... explain to me why we always follow her around when she can't even see us?" The shortest one mumbles. I'm pretty sure he hates my guts for some reason.

"We've got nothing else to do," Jin replies. I know his name because he used to introduce himself to me everyday before he finally realized that I "can't" see him. I feel pretty bad about it...

"It's not like we can escape. We're only able to go where she goes or stay at her house," The one with a husky voice explains, "although, I still can't figure out why she can't see us..."

"It's because she was adopted," Another sighs. I don't remember his name but he's almost never happy. According to the other boys he never used to be that way. Also, I'm not even adopted.

"But then why can we follow her?!" The short one suddenly shouts. Luckily I've learned to stay composed around these 7. It takes a lot to make me flinch.

I stop for a second to grab my headphones from my backpack so that I can block them all out. I've had to do this more often ever since they became desperate to gain my attention. Lately they've been giving up though.

My feet tap the sidewalk with the beat as I walk. Soon enough the boys decide to walk in front instead of behind, all except the shortest one. I really can't remember his name and it's starting to annoy me.

Did it start with a B? No... Something like Chim Chim... wait that's his nickname. Okay that's something, but what's his real name?

That reminds me, didn't I have a project due today in chemistry? Don't ask me how Chim Chim reminded me of that.

I press the button to allow me to cross the sidewalk, rain now starting to become a factor. I knew I should've started jogging, but there's no use in it now. My hair is already a complete mess anyways. The 6 boys in front of me sprint across the cross walk without a care in the world, I still waiting for the little man to light up for me to go.

Okay, was there a project? Why can't I get a break... it's Monday for heavens sake! Finally the little man lights up, allowing me to cross.

"Chim! Are you coming?" Namjoon shouts to his friend who's now behind me. His voice is able to leak through my headphones when my music transitions to a new song.

I almost reach the other side when I remember, "SHOOT! The project on chromium is due today!"

Suddenly it starts down pouring all at once, the boys looking back at me with annoying smirks. They always gain joy from me doing something wrong. I decide to turn around and sprint home, however just before I lose sight of the boys their expressions change.

They all become wide eyed with their jaws gaping wide. The husky voiced one shouts something to me but I can't hear it through my headphones. This is just another ploy for them to see if I really am just acting in thinking they're invisible.

I turn around despite their panicked looks, taking a few steps in the opposite direction before I realize that I've made a huge mistake. A large truck has lost control due to the wet leaves and is coming my way.

I drop my phone on the ground in shock, everything turning to slow motion. Even the rain seems to slow as I stare helplessly at my one way ticket to the afterlife. What have I done to deserve this?

Suddenly something dark but light at the same time obstructs my view. At first all I can see is black feathers until I'm met with someone staring back at me. His eyes are the saddest thing I've ever seen, my heart breaking as I become immersed in them.

"Jimin?" I whisper, my voice echoing all around us. His sad eyes widen as we stare at each other for a moment longer. He grabs me, pulling me into him and everything speeds up again.

A loud crash rings in my ears as well as the rain hitting the pavement. I breath shakily, clutching onto the shirt of my savior. Where ever we are, it sure is incredibly dark.

"What the hell just happened?!" I hear someone shout, footsteps following their voice.

"Jimin? Where'd she go? Don't tell me she's in the ditch with that truck?!" Another voice exclaims worriedly.

The darkness lifts without any warning, my immediate reaction is to step away from the situation and act like nothing ever happened. However, my knees go weak and I find myself stumbling to the ground.


I look up and see a boy with giant feathered wings looking down at me, a bunch of other eyes on me as well.

"She said my name," He says.

"Wait... she's looking at us... Jimin, how are you touching her?"

Shït shït shït how do I escape this? There is boy literally cradling me in his arms with wings coming out of his back. IS THIS EVEN POSSBlE?

Does this mean that everything my father told me is actually true?! So he's not a nutcase?!

I think imma faint...

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