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"Are you positive she said your name?"

"Yes! You saw, she was looking at us before she fainted. I'm telling you, she can see us!"

I gulp while remaining completely silent with my eyes shut. I'm too scared to open them because then I'd have to face being bombarded with questions.

There's gotta be another way out of this...

"Alright. I'm bored of this and I need a nap," I hear one of them say.

"You always need a nap!"

"Duhh I'm Min Yoongi!"

I'm getting a headache with all this yelling.

"Can I take a nap too," a sad voice mumbles. Whoever that is seemingly depressed.

"I want food,"

"Jin, we cant even eat food!"

"If she gives it to us we can!"

"Jungkook, you would back Jin up on that. All you two care about is food!"

"Quit fighting! I'll watch over her until she wakes up. Everyone out,"

I listen to a few of them object but soon enough the door opens and closes leaving silence. Okay, I bet I could ignore one of them trying to question me. Maybe I can walk away from this and have nothing changed.

"Please wake up,"

I hear the boy speak. I'm pretty sure it's Jimin... I cant get the image of his eyes out of my mind. Anyone could get lost in them. They were so dark and sad... almost as if he was lost in them himself.

"Please..." he trails off, "I'm done with this. I can't go back to Hëll again, I'll lose myself completely. I've already lost the majority of myself to begin with. You're my only hope for sanity,"

I almost furrow my eyebrows but remember to remain perfectly still. Is this boy reciting a freaking poem to me? I'd be lying if I said that I don't feel bad, but my father says I have to ignore them... but why do I have to? If I can be of any help I'd like to try.

"You're meant to pay back for the sins your ancestors indebted to us unnecessarily, but how are you supposed to do that if can't even see us? Aish, Jimin, look at you talking to someone who can't even hear you. Even if I screamed in a crowd of people no one would hear me... so why even try?"

I feel his presence next to me leave, some footsteps leading to the door echoing. It would be against my morals to ignore his cry for help. Slowly I force myself into a seated position and open my eyes.

"People who talk to themselves are usually creative thinkers," I say, he turning to me with a shocked expression.

"Are you talking to me?" He points to himself in utter disbelief.

"No, I'm talking to myself," I breath out in a laugh.

"Oh," he nods, leaving the room.

Is he being serious right now...

"WAIT!" He comes in a half of a second later and makes his way over to me, "you can see me?"

I let out a defeated sigh, "Yeah,"

"SINCE WHEN?!" He practically growls while clenching his fists.

Should I be scared? I'm not sure... It's quite difficult reading his expression considering he literally has no light in his eyes, but why do I find them so captivating?

"Umm.. since... last year... maybe?" I say after contemplation.

"SINCE LAST YEAR!?" He exclaims, grabbing my shirt in his fist.

Okay, it's time to be scared.

"Please don't hurt me! I was just trying to protect myself because I was told to ignore you," I cover my eyes with my hands and feel him release me.

I peak through my fingers, watching his face soften. Although eyes are usually what give away one's emotions, I guess it's not impossible to read him.

"I'm Jimin. I already know your name so don't even bother introducing yourself,"

Alrighty then.

"So... what now?" I ask quietly, anxiously waiting for an answer.

"You, my friend, are going to free our souls from that dämn Devil," He points his finger at me.

"And... how do I do that?"

"Come with me,"

He grabs my hand, pulling me out of the bed and into the hallway. Thankfully my dad will be at work today, giving me some time to sort things out. If I'm gonna be of any use to these 7 I'll have to figure out a way to keep this in the dark.

"She's awake?" A voice raises, my eyes meeting with some large brown ones. At least these have some light to them.

"Yeah and she can see us. Legit we've been fooled this entire time," Jimin grunts.

"Well that's just great," The one with light eyes suddenly turns angry, "So we've wasted all this time for nothing,"

"Whatever, we can't change it now," Jimin shrugs.

"Guess your right. I'm Jungkook by the way," He tells me with a small smile.


"Minji, I know. 16 years old. We pretty much know more about you than you know about yourself," He answers with a slight roll of the eye.

"Hmm, good to know," I reply sarcastically. This isn't creepy or anything...

"I'm going to get Joonie Hyung," Jimin says, "You, stay put,"

I make sure to avoid eye contact with Jungkook and find myself curious about the boy sat on the stairs. The only things I've ever heard him say are sad ones, and the other boys always make it a point that he's 'gone'.

"What's his name?" I look to Jungkook while pointing at the boy on the stairs.

"Hoseok, we call him J-Hope though, or Hobie," He replies with a frown.

"What's his story?" I cock my head.

"It's dark. Probably too dark for you," Jungkook smacks his lips, "plus you wouldn't understand. Your family is just a bunch of selfish soul takers anyway,"

Well it's nice to know that Jungkook has my back... dämn he's salty.

"Right," I breath out, going to sit down next to Hoseok.

"Hi I'm Minji," I try to see his face but it's practically buried in a book.

"I know," He whispers back. I should probably just stop trying to introduce myself.

"What are you reading?" I can at least try to figure these boys out since they aren't really telling me anything to begin with.

"None of your business," He finally takes the time to look at me, "unless you wanna die,"

My breath hitches in my throat, "that'll be a no then,"

"Don't talk to him unless you wanna get hurt," a voice says while dragging me up to stand, "hang with me and you might just be okay,"

I look at the boy staring back at me, a squarish smile across his face as he practically forces me to shake hands with him.

"My names V,"

"Nice to meet you," I say, enjoying the warmth he gives off.

Jimin finally returns with who seems to be 'Joonie' or who I know as RM. Behind them are husky voice and Dad jokes. I'm still trying to catch up on all of their names as you may be able to tell.

"You might want to sit down for this one," RM smirks, causing me to gulp.

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