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Minji's POV:

"So you're telling me that you all are servants of the devil...?" I raise my eyebrows, trying to hide my fear behind a strong face.

"Is that all you got from that?" Namjoon looks unamused.

I shake my head even though that's honestly everything I took away from his big speech. It's not my fault the fact that his first sentence was stating 'we are basically servants of the devil'!! How was I not supposed to get stuck on that?

"So... are you gonna help us?" He furrows his eyebrows expectantly.

Shoot. Did I really miss the most important part?

"With?" I whisper quietly, as if that will make this entire situation better.

"With releasing us from this curse!" Namjoon shouts out of pure frustration causing me to cower behind a couch cushion.

"Hyung, you're scaring our only chance of freedom," V sighs.

"It's not like she has any other choice. If she doesn't cooperate we can just kill her,"

I feel my heart beat jump into my throat. Is J-Hope being for real? I really should have never acknowledged Jimin. I'm such an idiot.

"Hobie, that's way too harsh," Jin narrows his eyes at him. I let out a small sigh of relief.

"Yeah, that's only our last resort method," Yoongi chuckles. I expect one of them to object but all's they do is laugh along with him.

I clench the ends of my shorts to keep my hands from trembling. All of this information is way too much at once. I mean I've spent my whole life denying my father and thinking that he's lost his marbles when in reality he's only been protecting me.

Listen to your parents folks.

"So basically you are going to bring us the book of lost souls, destroy it, and set us free," V sums up what seems to be my only purpose in the situation.

"Got it..." I trail off nodding, "sounds easy enough. So where is it?"

"Where's what?" V cocks his head.

"The book of lost souls?" I reply, their eyes widening.

"Don't tell me you don't know where it is," Namjoon gasps in shock.

I stare back at him, searching my brain for a correct reply. What am I supposed to do? I've never heard of this book in my life.

"It's huge. Has an eye for a lock. Looks kind of demeaning," V offers.

"You're not helping," Yoongi rolls his eyes.

"Um. So... what happens if I don't know where it is?" I squeak.

"You die," Hoseok shrugs, not even taking his attention away from his book.

"I help you find it!" I reply all too quickly. Today is just a day of me agreeing to things I don't even want to be apart of.

"Obviously," Jin laughs with his feet kicked up on the coffee table.

"Technically we'll help you find it because your the only one who can see it," Jungkook says nonchalantly.

I sigh out of annoyance. Why am I the only one who can see things around here?

"Then how does V know what it looks like?" I ask curiously.

"Because we all used to be able to see it when we were human. It's what cursed us in the first place," Namjoon answers.

"Okay so if you're human you can see it," My eyebrows furrow.

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